Indian Wild Life National Parks

Wandering about in a wildlife sanctuary and witnessing the wildlife therein can be quite an adventurous experience. Whether it is done while riding on an elephant's back, or from a watch tower or from a boat, the thrill that one can have while spotting herds of wild elephants, deer and predators catching their preys in their natural habitat is much more exciting than watching a wildlife documentary on television.

Such as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary known as largest bird sanctuary in Asia, which is much more famous as a refuge of migratory birds like barons, ibis, pelicans and painted storks that make it their temporary home during the winter months. Two splendid protected habitats situated in the Himalayan foothills are the Corbett National Park and The Dudhwa National Park that provide an unforgettable wildlife experience. The most pleasant time to visit any wildlife sanctuary in India, with the exception of Dachigam is the months between October and March. However, the chances of spotting wildlife are better from March to June when the weather is hot.

Famous Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan
Bird - Wildlife in India Welcome to the bird paradise of India, where beside the locals, you'll be able to witness the migrants such as the Siberian Cranes that cover half the globe to make Bharatpur sanctuary their nesting place for winters.

Corbett National Park, U.P.
Corbett is India's first and finest national park spread along the banks of the Ramganga River, in the foothills of the Himalayas. A well-protected wild habitat, Corbett provides an unforgettable experience to a nature lover.

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
Probably the most visited park in India, Sariska was also a hunting reserve previously just like other national parks in India. The reserve was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1958 and came under the "Project Tiger" as a tiger reserve in 1979.

Gir National Park & Sanctuary, Gujarat
No need to give any introduction to this sole surviving natural habitat of the Asiatic Lions. Popularly known as Sasangir, this national park is blessed with some of the most diverse wild attractions and natural surroundings.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Best known for its wildlife, is a must-see for all the visitors to Kerala. The Periyar lake lies at the heart of the sanctuary, which is a veritable paradise for all wildlife lovers.

Other Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary
Known as one of the second largest viable stretch of mangrove forest in the Indian mainland, Bhitarkanika sanctuaries best attractions include the aqua ones, specifically speaking - Estuarine Crocodile and Pacific Ridley Sea Turtles.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka
Karnataka Located on the scenic banks of river Kali, Dandeli is flourished with richness of flora and fauna. If you are a nature lover then you will definitely enjoy the richness and diversity of this captivating wild land.

Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, U.P.
Here's a call from the luring thickly forested hills of Uttarkashi, to check out its green and wild beauty. The talk is going on about the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, whose wild population consists of Snow Leopard, Brown and Himalayan Black Bears, Tahr, Bharal and Musk Deer.

Srisailam Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh
Nagarjuna Sagar - Srisailam Sanctuary is one of the biggest success stories of Project Tiger in India. Adjoining the reserve is the large reservoir of the Nagarjunasagar Dam on the River Krishna.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Kerala
Deep inside the dense tropical evergreen and deciduous forests and grassland patches is located the Thatekkad Bird Sanctuary, home to India's bird population of about 500 winged species. This sanctuary is located in between the parts of river Periyar.

Orang Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam
Also known as Mini Kaziranga, Orang main wild attractions include the One-Horned Rhinoceros, Elephants, Leopard, Sambar, Barking Deer, Tiger, Varieties Of Water Birds, Green Pigeon, and Florican.

Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary,Assam
Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary was declared a reserve forest in 1971 mainly because of the few Rhinos that were found in this region prior to the year 1971. The sanctuary has a flat terrain with a gentle east to west inclination excluding Burha-Mayong hillock.

Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam
Covering a slightly larger area than the Pabha Sanctuary, the Sonai Rupai is quite a wonderful wildlife hub of Assam. And its insured among its wild treasure not only the exotic wildlife but also the scenic beauty that surround its boundaries.

Lakhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam
Regarded as one of the rich and diverse wildlife area of Assam till 1980s, Lakhowa Sanctuary is located in the Nagaon district. It also has quite a decent number of Rhino population.

B. R. Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka
Deer - Wildlife in IndiaB R Hills is a unique blend of resort and wildlife sanctuary of undulating hills and valleys covered in deciduous forests and Sholas. The sanctuary is teeming with varied flora and fauna including the Elephant, Langur, Panther and Tiger.

Kabini River Lodge, Karnataka
Nestled amidst the Karapur Forest, Kabini was once the erstwhile hunting lodge of the Mysore royals. The steep valleys with rich forests, spectacular pools and rapids provide an ideal opportunity to revive the adventure spirits.

Bhemeeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka
The lush wild greenery makes Bhemeeshwari a perfect picnic spot, where nature has created a natural habitat for the Mahseer fish and a variety of exciting animals.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Kerala
19-kms from Kozhikode, this bird sanctuary is a home to more than a hundred varieties of native birds and over 60 species of migratory birds that flock here in large numbers during the winter months. Spread over a cluster of islands, and covering scenic area of 3-kms surrounded by hillocks, this place is a must visit.

Kolleru Bird Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh
Indian Gazelle - Wildlife in IndiaKolleru is the largest fresh Water Lake in the country and is described as "Peerless Fisherman's Paradise and Birds heaven" in the Imperial Gazetteer. The lake supports a rich biodiversity and high biomass of fish, plankton that forms the source of food for birds. Pelicans, the main attraction of this lake resort area, arrive during the nesting season to raise their young ones.
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
Situated on the banks of the Vembanand Lake is known for its varied avian population, including the local varieties of waterfowls, cuckoos and owls, as well as the migratory Siberian Cranes that can be viewed here during the months of December to February.

Manjira Bird Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh
Manjira is a small sanctuary located along the banks of river Manjira. It also supports riverine habitat and is home for many water bird species, mugger crocodiles and fresh water turtles.

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary
The unusual reserve of Nalsarovar Lake and sanctuary is a wild hideout where a large number of water birds can be seen. It is also counted among one of the best of its kind bird sanctuary in India during the winter months, teeming with thousands of Cranes, Flamingoes, Pelicans, Ducks, Storks and other birds.

Nandurmadhmeshwar Bird Sanctuary, Maharashtra
The site is considered a good wetland habitat aptly named as "Bharatpur of Maharashtra" harbouring thousands of beautiful local and migratory birds. There are more than 230 species of birds, out of which 80 are migratory species.

TigerNawab Ganj Bird Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh
If you are interested in Bird watching, then check out this sanctuary with a huge marshland and shallow lake bordered with mixed dry forest. The avifauna attractions of this reserve comprise of The Pochard, Shoveller, Woodpecker, Parakeet, Coot, Purple Moorhen and Common Teal.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Maharashtra
Karnala Bird Sanctuary is located at the bottom of the Karnala fort, which lies between Pen and Panvel. Rich with natural habitats the sanctuary abounds in bird life with various kinds of resident and migrant birds.

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh
Nellapattu is located on the East Coast about 20-km north of the Pulicat Bird Sanctuary in the Nellore district. It is one of the largest pelican habitats in Southeast Asia with a total coverage area of 404-kms.

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat
Porbandar is quite a pretty small bird habitat of a variety of wildfowl, teals, ibis, curlews, and a sizeable number of migratory birds.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka
If you are planning a holiday among the wilds, come to Ranganathittu and you will be treated with some of the most glorious sights of natural world.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Goa
On the western tip to the island of Chorao along the riverbanks of Mandovi, mangrove swamps cover this bird-watchers' paradise aptly named after India's best-known ornithologist and can be visited throughout the year.

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Kerala
Deep inside the dense tropical evergreen and deciduous forests and grassland patches is located the Thatekkad Bird Sanctuary, home to India's bird population of about 500 winged species. This sanctuary is located in between the parts of river Periyar.

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