Idukki Valley

Referred to as the Venice of the East, Alappuzha has always enjoyed a unique place in the maritime Idukki valley is 121 km away from Kottayam, and is a small hill town surrounded by a spread of beautiful, wooden valleys and meandering streams. Idukki is known for the Idukki dam built across the Peiyar river and is a well known tourist center in Kerala.

Idukki Arch Dam is the world's second and Asia's first arch dam, constructed across the Kuravan and Kurathi hills. 550 ft. high and 650 ft. wide, the dam lies close to the Cheruthoni barrage. To its west is the Kulamavu Dam. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is located closeby.

The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary extends over the Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola taluks of Idukki district, spreading over 77 sq. km and is about 450 - 748 m above sea level. The Idukki Reservoir formed by three dams - Cheruthoni, Idukki and Kulamavu - extends to 33 sq km. One can find Elephant, bison, sambar deer, wild dog, jungle cat, tiger, wild boar etc. and variety of Snakes like Cobra, viper, krait and a number of non poisonous snakes in this Sancturey. The birds in Idukki are Jungle fowl, myna, laughing thrush, black bulbul, peafowl, woodpecker, kingfisher etc

Nadukani is an ideal place for one-day picnickers. True to its title it offers a panoramic view of a large area than one can experience from any high mountain park. A two-storyed pavilion makes an ideal place for enjoying the landscape and beauty of nature.

Thumpachi Calveri Samuchayam which is 35 km from Thodupuzha is a picnic spot also ideal for meditation, relaxation and watching sunset.

Kulamav which is 20 km from Idukki Damsight-trekking trail-view point

Painav is Scenic beauty-trekking point-evergreen forest Cheruthoni

Idukki Arch Dam sight-aerial view of the reservoir, panoramic view-hill view park.

Kalliyanathandu which is 10 km from Idukki one can have an aerial view of the Idukki reservoir, panoramic view of peaks and forests make this a splendid tourist spot. It is also an ideal place for mountain climbers and trekkers.

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