Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is a wonderful tourist attraction in Rajasthan. The Pink City of Jaipur has a number of architectural wonders that attract tourists from all over the country and abroad. Most of the foreign tourists, who come to India, also tour this city of majestic forts and beautiful havelis. Jaipur lies in the state of Rajasthan and is about 258 kilometres from Delhi, the capital of India. Jaipur Hub takes you on a tour of various tourist attractions in and around Jaipur.

Hawa Mahal is one of the most common and popular tourist attractions in Jaipur. Hawa Mahal was basically used as a veil by the royal women folk to watch the proceedings on the road below. Today it is the one of most visited monuments in Jaipur. The City Palace is another beautiful landmark that was built by Kachchwah Rajput rulers of Jaipur. The City Palace is a classic example of Mughal and Rajput architecture. A part of the palace today is museum that houses a collection of rare manuscripts, weapons, Mughal carpets and costumes, and Mughal and Rajasthani miniatures.

Jantar Mantar makes another wonderful sight to visit. Built in 1718 by Sawai Jai Singh, Jantar Mantar Observatory is one of the five observatories that were built by the king. The observatory was built to study the movement of stars. The observatory is built in stone and marble.

Amber Fort Built on the hilltop outside Jaipur, Amber Fort is another famous tourist attraction in Jaipur. The Amber Fort was built by Raja Man Singh in the 16th century and was completed by Sawai Jai Singh in the 18th century. The fort offers magnificent views of the surrounding area. The fort is a mix of Mughal and Rajput architecture and is built in red stone and white marble.

There are a number of other tourist attractions in Jaipur that include Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Govind Deoji Mandir, Rambagh Palace, Kanak Valley and Laxmi Naryan Temple. Jaipur with its beautiful monuments and colorful bazaars promises to offer tourists a wholesome experience. Many hotels in Jaipur provide cultural programmes that include puppet shows, music performances and folk dances that make Jaipur tour a memorable affair for tourists.

Gardens in Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan has earned a well reputed status in the global tourism scenario. Huge numbers of domestic tourists as well as international tourists come to the place to enjoy the variety of tourist attraction that Jaipur offers. With a world class tourism infrastructure Jaipur truly offers a great tour experience to the tourists. There are many attractions in Jaipur which has helped the city to earn such an elite status as a tourist destination. The gardens in Jaipur have played a vital role in attracting tourists. Moreover, it gives a refreshing look to a city which is the capital of the desert state. Hence, the Jaipur gardens add a new dimension to Jaipur tourism. The beautiful garden may not always shout for attention but it’s an integral part of the city. It contributes a lot in giving a total shape to looks of the city.

Overview of the gardens of Jaipur

The numerous gardens in Jaipur are not a result of a recent beautification program. These gardens have a long history as it was the brainchild of Raja Jai Singh, the founder of Jaipur. The garden acts as a pleasant surprise to the tourists as most of them expect Jaipur to be barren. These gardens add a lot of greenery to the city and make it look more beautiful. Also known as the “pink city of India”, anyone visiting Rajasthan must visit the city of Jaipur at least once as it also boasts a rich culture and history. Though most famous for its historical significance, the number of gardens are a great attraction for tourists as well. Some of the most famous gardens in Jaipur are as follows:

* Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh
* Vidyadhar Garden
* Kanak Vrindavan Valley

Different gardens in Jaipur

Let’s have a brief look into these gardens:

Vidyadhar Garden
Located near Sisodia Gardens, the garden is named after the chief architect, Vidyadhar Bhattacharjee. Surrounded by lush greenery and narrow valleys, visiting the gardens will be a rejuvenating experience.

Kanak Vrindavan Valley
Located in the foothills of Nahagarh Hills in Jaipur, Kanak Vrindavan Valley offers a splendid look of the garland forts of Jaipur, Jaigarh, Amber Fort and Nahagarh. This garden is a must visit for tourists.

Sisodia Rani ka Bagh
Built by Raja Sawai Singh, the garden boasts a Mughal style with the theme of eternal love of Lord Krishna. Another significant fact related to the garden is that it was offered as a gift to the Sisodia Queen from Udaipur by the Maharaja in 1728. During the Jaipur tours as the sheer beauty of the garden is enough to mesmerize you.

There are many tours to Jaipur that often ignores the gardens in Jaipur but you should always opt for a tour that includes a visit to these gardens. It will truly be a great visit and add a new dimension to the Jaipur tour. Indian Holiday offers online information on Gardens in Jaipur and reservation of tours and hotels in Jaipur. For more information and booking, please fill in the form below.

Forts in Jaipur

The pink city of Jaipur is dotted with a huge number of forts and palaces. Forts in Jaipur are renowned through out the world. In fact, it is the tremendous popularity of these forts that has helped Jaipur tourism to grow by leaps and bounds. The historical significance of the forts along with marvelous architecture is a chief attraction for the tourists. In fact, visiting the city is itself is a great experience as Jaipur is considered the only planned city of that time. The forts add a number of new dimensions to the Jaipur tourism. Moreover, the forts also reflect the rich culture and tradition of the city. As more and more number of tourists these forts, Jaipur will touch more heights in tourism.

Forts in Jaipur

There are a huge number of forts in Jaipur. Each of these forts are a must visit as not only each of them boasts a unique design but also have a distinct historical significance. Some of the most famous forts in Jaipur are as follows:

* Jaigarh
* Jai Mahal
* Jantar Mantar
* City Palace
* Hawa Mahal
* Nahagarh
* Amer Fort

The innumerable number of forts in Jaipur also boasts a heritage status thus increasing the tourist value further more. Apart from the marvelous architecture, historical significance, the forts in Jaipur also portray the cultural traditions of Jaipur. Hence, this tourist attraction in Jaipur is viable for all kinds of tourists. They portray the colorful side of the city.

Tourists visiting the forts truly enjoy the grandeur and majestic ambiance of the forts. Let’s get into the details of some of the famous Jaipur forts.

City Palace:If you want to witness the fort that offers tourists a perfect combination of tradition Rajasthani and Mughal art then city palace is one of the best forts to visit in Rajasthan. Boasting a splendid architecture with a number of Royal structures, the particular fort is truly a visitor’s delight. Tourists also enjoy their experience thoroughly while visiting the Hall of Private Audience and the Diwan-e-Khas.

Amer Fort: Amer Fort is one of the most popular tourist spots in Jaipur. Located only 11 kilometer from Jaipur, a large number of tourists visit this particular fort.

Nahagarh Fort: Built in 1734 AD by Sawai Jain Singh, the fort boasts a great historical significance. Moreover, the fort also offers a breathtaking view of the city which acts as an added attraction for the tourists. The beautiful location of the fort on the hill top is also a great experience for tourists.

Jaigarh Fort: One of the military structures of medieval India, the Jaigarh Fort also enjoys a highly popular status among the tourists. The fort has a number of attractions for the tourists like gardens, palaces, temples and reservoirs. Hence, visit to the Jaigarh fort is an enriching experience. These forts in Jaipur are thus a great attraction for tourists. Hence, make sure that you have enough room during your Jaipur tours to visit these forts. Indian Holiday offer online booking and reservation for Tours and Hotels in Jaipur.

Bazaars in Jaipur

There are several factors that have led to the growth of Jaipur as a tourist destination. The colorful city has turned into a major attraction for tourists. The presence of a wide variety of tourist attractions in Jaipur has made it a dream destination for tourists. However, another factor that has led to further growth is the bazaars in Jaipur. There are a number of bazaars in Jaipur. Each of these markets posses a unique charm. The presence of a variety of markets in Jaipur makes Jaipur with no dearth of shopping areas. Some of the bazaars in Jaipur are as follows:

* Kishanpol Bazaar
* Khazana Walon ka Rasta
* Nehru Bazaar
* Johari Bazaar
* Bapu Bazaar
* Tripolia Bazaar

Items found in Bazaars in Jaipur

The Jaipur bazaars offers the tourists an array of items ranging from traditional art, handicrafts etc. These are exquisite items that are hardly found in any other place in the world. The unique ambiance of the place further adds to the charm of shopping in Jaipur. Moreover, apart from selling a number of the handicrafts and other items, the bazaars will also let you taste a number of local dishes as there are number of shops offering authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

Access to the bazaar

The best time to visit the bazaars in Jaipur is from 11 am to 7 pm as most of the shops remain open during this time. Accessing the bazaar is also very easy for tourists as it is well connected to various part of the city through bus services. You also have the options of availing tempos, rickshaws and taxis to the reach the markets in Jaipur.

Jaipur in Rajasthan, India is one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Rajasthan. The variety of tourist attractions in Jaipur makes it the perfect tourist destination. Tour of Jaipur is such a unique experience because it is embedded with a number of monuments, forts, places with historical significance and places with serene natural beauty. Hence, tourists visiting Jaipur hardly feel monotonous. However, among the various tourist spots in Jaipur, the monuments in Jaipur manage to draw a large number of tourists. The architecture, the historical significance of these monuments is the main factor to draw the large number of tourists.

Jaipur is a place with architectural wonders. The Jaipur monuments are an evidence of the rich bygone era of the place. Each of the monuments is embedded with a lot of historical significance. They reveal a unique charm as tourists often get astonished to witness the splendid monuments about which they have read in the history books. Hence, the forts and monuments reflect the rich history of Rajasthan. Many of these monuments were built as pleasure spots for the royal families. However, the splendid architecture and the beautiful charm of the place later turned them into popular tourists spots.

Monuments in Jaipur

There are many monuments in Jaipur. Located in the midst of the beautiful surroundings, the monuments not only reveal you the rich history of the region but also let you enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. Jaipur monuments are mostly made of sandstone or white marble. This helps in making them even more beautiful as they sparkle under the desert sun.

Most of the monuments are popular among tourists but the monuments like the Jai Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal are a must visit. If you take Hawa Mahal for instance, the monument built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II boasts a multi layered building. The Jantar Mantar is also a famous monument, built by Sawai Jai Singh II in the year 1716 A.D. Apart from splendid architecture; this monument in Jaipur also reflects Sawai Jai Singh 2’s keen interest in the heavenly bodies as the design of the monument is inspired from the movement of sun, moon, planets and stars.

Monument tour in Jaipur

These monuments in Jaipur are an integral part of Jaipur tours as they reveal a lot of Rajasthan culture, history and tradition. Moreover, to make the monuments more tourist friendly, there are a number of shops, entertainment hubs and accommodation facilities available in close proximity to these monuments. Hence, tourists can truly enjoy their visit to these monuments.

Hence, if you are going for a Jaipur tour in near future, make sure that your tour includes a visit to the monuments in Jaipur. It is already known Jaipur is most famous for its historical significance and visiting the monuments of Jaipur is the easiest way to get aware of the rich history of the region.

Temples in Jaipur

The exquisite and fascinating temples in Jaipur have been drawing a huge number of tourists through out the year. These temples are such popular spot among tourists as the temples are not only beautiful and exquisite in their design but also a great instance of the rich culture and tradition of the region. As a result, these temples with a high spiritual significance not only attract a huge number of devotees but are also attractive to the regular tourists. The intricate architectural design of the temples in Jaipur will surely mesmerize you with its beauty. After witnessing the design you will have no option but to salute the craftsmanship of the creators.

Different temples in Jaipur

There are many temples in Jaipur. Temples like Govind Devji, Galtaji and Mata Doongri are some of the most popular among them. The Birla temple is also a must visit temple in Jaipur. The design, the spiritual significance, the aura and the splendor of these temples provide just the right combination to the tourists. Though there are a number of temples in this place yet the above mentioned ones are not to be missed at any cost. Each of these temples is truly an excellent piece of architecture that continues to mesmerize people with its beauty.

Other attractions in Jaipur

Tourist attractions in Rajasthan are plenty in numbers. And if there is one destination in Rajasthan that reflects a lot about Rajasthan then it is surely Jaipur. There is large number of tourist attractions in Jaipur. The exciting part of Jaipur tours is that it also offers a lot of variety. Apart from the most renowned tourist attractions, there are also a number of other tourist attractions in Jaipur. Hence, tourists of all types love to visit Jaipur. The variety of tourist attractions in Jaipur actually make it one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Rajasthan. In fact, the presence of so many tourist spots often make the tourists confused as they often find it difficult to choose the tourist spots they would visit.

Problem of plenty

The problem for the tourists with so many tourist spots is that due to lack of proper information they are not sure which one should they visit. As a result, many tourists miss many important tourist sites and end up visiting the less important ones.

There are many tourist attractions in Jaipur. Tourist attractions like Birla Planetarium, Gaitore Chhatris are some of the most important tourist spots in Jaipur. As a tourist, you can also get the benefit of the presence of a number of market place. These market places provide a unique experience as they are not like a usual city market. The markets here boast a colorful aura. Availability of a number of local handicrafts and arts add a great deal to your shopping experience.

Jaipur also known as the pink city has a number of forts and palaces. These forts and palaces not only have a historical significance but also reveal the excellence of Rajasthani architecture. Hence, it not only attracts history lovers but also a lot of people who take keen interest in studying architecture. Museums are also important part of Jaipur tourism as the wide variety of exhibits possessed by the museum helps tourists to get an idea about the history of Rajasthan. Hence, the tourist attractions in Rajasthan have got something or the other for every kind of tourists.

Last but not the least; Jaipur also has a number of places with natural beauty. Hence, you can add even more dimension to your Jaipur tours. Hence, during your Jaipur tour, try to visit the other tourist attractions of Jaipur as well so that you can get the best of Jaipur. To help you out, Indian holiday offers you comprehensive information about the various tourist attractions.