Sand Dunes of Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, the wind shaped dunes glow beneath the rugged backdrop of the beautiful sky. Wind and sand create majestic dunes that are constant but ever-changing. The accumulation of windblown sand marks is the beginning of one of nature's most interesting and beautiful phenomena. The remarkable structure and patterns of sand dunes in Rajasthan provide habitats for a variety of life which is marvelously adapted to this unique environment.

The picturesque dunes against a sky of blue or a full moon, with perfectly contoured shadows of ripples and undulating crests, have always been a favorite subject of photographers. Explore the undisturbed beauty, the rich culture and the picturesque sand dunes of the Thar Desert, the land of Sam Sand Dunes. Any trip to Jaisalmer is indeed, incomplete, without a trip to the most panoramic dunes of Sam where the wind is unceasingly carving out scenic patterns, on the sand.

Depending upon one's particular situation, these sand dunes can be one of the most incredibly beautiful, thrilling, eerie, treacherous or just plain inhospitable places on earth. 42 kms west of Jiasalmer are proper sand dunes and popular with camel safaris. This Jaisalmer's nearest real Sahara like desert. The sand shimmers under the glow of hot sun highlighting what actually a desert stands for.

Various cultural programmes are organized against the backdrop of these fascinating dunes. Adventure freaks can go out on a Camel Safari-getting the real feel the desert on the camel.

Most of the sand dunes sites are located near Jaisalmer. Trips are also easily organised from Jaisalmer to the sadn dunes sites.

Sam Sand Dunes : The most popular site for the sand dunes, Sam sand dunes are located 42 Km from Jaisalmer. The beautiful Sam Sand Dunes is the most popular excursion to see the total sandy bush less desert. It has a truly glorious stretch of sweeping sand dunes. A camel safari to the spot lasts for three to four days. The desert festival in February draws a lots of tourists.

Ludharwa : A mixed caste village with mud and stick houses with traditional decorative paintings and mirror works. Ludharva was the ancient capital of the Bhati Rajput kings.

Kanoi : A typical carpenters village, Kanoi is known for beautifully carved wooden items. The sand dunes are nearby the village.

Kuldhara : An abandoned Paliwal Brahmins village who fled from 84 villages in one night due to the torture of then Prime minister. A very famous spot for sand dunes watching.

Khuri Village : 40 kilometres from Jaisalmer, Khuri is known for its camel rides, shifting sand dunes that are about 80 metres high and exceptionally beautiful sunset, which could be followed by an exclusive dinner.