Red Hills Travel

Best season to visit Red Hills is September- May. The resort is normally closed during June-August for the Monsoons. Here summers are lustrously pleasant and winters cold.

Tourist Office
Tamil Nadu Tourist Office
Wenlock Road, Ooty
STD code- 0423

Red Hills area is situated about 28 km from Ooty and regarded as the ecologically fragile zone of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. In the Red Hills area you can enjoy the vastness of the dense and magnificent forests. The area provides you with pure and clean air and beautiful and exotic covers of lush green vegetation, giving a soothing feeling to your eyes and you can't escape the charm of this natural beauty.

Local Attractions
There are many fascinating tourist destinations in and around Red Hills. But the eight lakes located in the close vicinity of Red Hills provide it real scenic beauty.

Lake District: The area is surrounded and covered by eight beautiful blue lakes-Emerald, Avalanche, Upper Bhavani, Parson's Valley Lake, Porthimund and Western Catchments 1, 2 and 3.You can fish for Carp and trout in these magnificent lakes.

You can also meet native Toda tribesmen around Avalanche Lake. The open grasslands and forests full of exotic smells of Parson's Valley Lake never fails to stir your senses. You are bound to experience a rare freshness of spirit here.

Hotels in Red Hills
The only popular resort in Red Hills is Red Hills Nature Resorts, situated on the top of a hillock at 7,000 ft.