Famous, the 1000-year-old temple of Lord Rama is located in Ramatheertham or Ramathirtham is. On the southern most hill stand the remains of Rama temple, vestiges of Jainism and natural caves The temple is situated on Bavikonda Hill. The unique feature of the temple is that it is built entirely upon a huge rock.
The northern hill known as Durgakonda is named after goddess Durga whose statue is in a natural cave
The beautiful koneru lake in the vicinity was constructed by the Pusapati kings during 1650-1696 A.D. enormous Buddhist mahasthupa, 19 feet high and 65 feet in diameter, a monastery, chaitya, monastic cells, two votive sthupas, a solid stone stupa, an enclosed courtyard and a pillered hall remains on a nearby hill known as Gurubukhatakonda.

The Buddhist remains at Ramathirtham consist of a maha stupa, five chaityagrihas, five viharas and five votive stupas and remains of a monastery Excavations conducted by A.Rea brought to light images of Buddha. In the vicinity are the ruins of a brick shrine with images of Jain Thirtankaras.

The name of the local king Sri Siva (maka) Vijaya Raja Selasaghasa who ruled the area from 1st & 2nd AD is present on one of the clay seals.

Further up the hill, under a massive hanging rock, one can see several jain sculptures. They are located 13 kilometers from Vizianagaram, a town near Nellimarla.