Dudma Falls Orissa

Dudma Waterfalls are formed by the Machhakund river in Orissa. Dudma Waterfalls are also known as Matsya Tirtha. Dudma Falls located in Eastern Ghats drops at 157 mts. Shaped in a Horse shoe, the Dudma Fall is also known as Machhakund Waterfall, Machkund Waterfall.

Dudma Waterfalls lie in the heart of Orissa in the middle of paddy fields, and palm fringed silver beaches, temples, rivers, small waterfalls and tribal people. Dudma Waterfalls are one of the falls which require you to spend at least a night in its vicinity to get a true feel of the sounds of falling waters and the greenery around. With human manifestation around, one can easily stay here. Tents can be arranged from the various Dudma Falls tourist firms.

Dudma Waterfalls can be easily reached by cabs. Dudma Falls are quite near to the Vishakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh. These falls are also known for Machhakund Hydro Electric Project.

Fast Facts

* Distance - Approx 92 kms from Koraput and 10 kms from Jeypore
* Nearest Medical Help - Jeypore
* Nearest Human Vegetation - Jeypore, Koraput, Andhra Pradesh
* Best Time- Early Winter
* District - Orissa

Chilka Lake
Just south of Puri, sea mixes with inland lake called the Chilka Lake. This lake is thunderous in the rainy months of July – September. With more than 160 varities of fishes and thousnds of migratory birds in the months of November and December, the lake also celebrates the Makar Sankranti Festival held each year in the month of January. A must visit place.

Goplapur Beach
Around 16 kms from Berhampur , is the most famous Beach of Orissa called the Goplapur Beach. Isolated, this beach is known for sea surfing and sailing. Its also a good place to be away from the city lights by being there, as Goplapur is not very far away from the city.

Around Dudma Falls :

Barehipani & Joranda Falls : These Falls lying in the area of Simlipal National Park are the perfect falls to see. Falling at heights of 399 meters and 150 meters respectively, these falls add to the beauty of the National Park.

Dumuriput : This place is kown for the Ram Temple and the highest kneeled Hanumana Idol in India. Visited by thousands of Rama Devotees every year, this place at a height is a peaceful place to be in.


 Dudma Falls are in the vicnity of city lights and so can be reached easily be cabs or local buses.

 Don't let the kids go near the Falls in your absence. The Falls are deep and there is nothing much one can do for rescue. Even the divers are sometimes helpless.

 Its perfectly alright to spend a night here near the Dudma Falls. Its a perfect sight for camping as several others do.

There are trains to Koraput but not direct trains. You have to take cab from major stations of Orissa to reach Koraput or Joyepore Falls.

Good Hotels and restaurants are available in Koraput and Jeypore. From here, you have to make arrangments for food and refreshments. Its better to pack the food and take along if you just going to see the fall. It shouldn't take more than five hours for the entire trip.

Though Orissa is a arid place, It rains heavily in the rainy season, so take along umbrellas or raincoat. You can also hire them for a few days