Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary Kerala

Travel to Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary in Kerala and immerse yourself in adventurous activities. It is one of the most favored wildlife reserves in Kerala. The Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary is located 30 km from Palakkad town. Sprawling over 500 hectares of thick forest, this sanctuary is a home to around 200 peacocks.

Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary in Kerala offers shelter to diverse and rich species of birds. There are over 100 diverse species of avifauna in the Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary. Avid bird watchers and nature lovers can explore the forested regions of the sanctuary. If you are on your Choolanur Peacock sanctuary tour right after the monsoon season, you can spot numerous butterflies. On your Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary tour, don't forget to take camera along with your to take back home a bagful of sweet memories of Kerala wildlife sanctuary tours.

This Kerala sanctuary also has a various medicinal plants. A 200-hectare of forested area in the sanctuary has been named as Kunchan Samritivanam after Kunchan Nambiar, the great Malayalam poet. His birthplace, Killikkurissimangalam, is few kms away from Choolanur.

The nearest airport is Coimbatore International Airport, which is 55 km away from Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary. The nearest railway station to Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary is in Palakkad. This Kerala sanctuary is 30 km from Palakkad town.