Bobilli Fort Vizianagaram

The name Bobbili conjures up an image of valour, self respect and sacrifice in the telugu world even today. The 15th descendant of the Rajas of Venkatagiri, Pedda Rayudu was the founder Bobbili. Built a fort and named it Pedda Puli ( Great Tiger) after the name of his patron.

Bobbili fort is situated in this ancient town. It is associated with the historic battle between the Raja of Bobbili and the Zamindar of Vizianagaram, who was aided by the French. The fierce war established this as a land of herosim, bravery and courage. The impresive Bobbili fort stands as a slient testimony to this hard fought battle which saw the Raja of Bobbili lay his life fighting rather than surrendering.The Venugopala Swamy Temple here is quite famous as also the oldest in the district.

There are numerous places which serve as residence as residence of the royal family, though no remnants exist of the original Bobbili fort. As a meeting hall where Raja held his court and recieved royal emissaries the Durbar Mahal was built in 1893. On either side of the steps leading to the "Durbar" two stone elephants stand guard.
Venugopala Swamy had been in existence since Bobbili was founded, but the present temple of the family deity was built by Chinna Ranga Rao. Is the only temple in the region where the Gopuram is higher than the main temple was built by Swetha Chalapati Rao in 1851.

In the placid waters of a lake stands aloof the Vasant Mandapam . Annually to celebrate the onset of spring the idol from the temple of Lord Venu Gopal Swamy is brought to the lake.

Bulit by erstwhile Rani of Bobbili, Pooja Mahal situated inside Bobbili Fort and is in use by the royalty even today. Prangmahal is one of the best kept heritage buildings in the region. It is situated within the fort compound opposite Pooja Mahal.

The Manohar Vilas Palace was built in 1925 by the Rajas brother , the Zamindar of Kirlampudi, as a guest house and a summer resort. It is a two storied structure surrounded by a splendid garden which has a fountain with a marble statue of a beautiful maiden.

Bobbili is 55 Kilometres from Vizianagaram and is accessible both by rail and road. It is an important railway junction on the Raipur- Vizianagaram line.