Akashaganga Tirupati

The term Akashaganga is a Sanskrit word (etymology: Akasha + Ganga = Sky River (or) river in the sky) and can refer to any of the following:Widely used name in the Indian vernacular languages to refer to the Milky way galaxy. A concept about the river Ganga which states that the river has three components: the Akasha Ganga, which flows in the heavens; the Ganga, which then descends on to earth; and Patalganga, which empties itself into the underworld
This is very famous for the prime reason is that its waters are used for The Lord's bath every day. In the olden days, the priestess took turns to carry the water all the way from this part of jungle to the temple in the wee morning hours by the rough walk path that meanders thru the jungle even to this day. After the Tirumala Tirupati Devsthanam came into existence, water lines were laid into the temple and thus simplified!

This is a beautiful place where the mountain stream gushes out in a deep but very well paved and accessible ravine. Water is procured from this place for Abhishekam. In rainy season Akashganga's gushing waters provide a beautiful sight and a bath here at that time is really refreshing. From the wee hours of the morning, people form exceedingly long queues for 'darshan' of the Lord before going for darshan they take bath under these waterfalls which is considered as sacred.
Apart from this the nearby attractions are Papavinasanam waterfalls. Silathoranam, a rare geological formation is situated at 1-km north of the temple, Lepakshi Emporium, an ideal place for purchasing attractive handicrafts at moderate prices, it is situated near Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Central Reception Office. T.T.D Gardens are the beautiful ornamental gardens with rare species of plants and trees and Asthana Mandapam.

The Akashganga (Heavenly Ganges likened to The Milky Way OR heavenly river) waterfall is about 9 Kms north of the Tirumala temple.