South India Temples

The rich heritage and culture of south India get mirrored in its ancient architectural achievements that include splendid temples and other architectural marvels. The former rulers of dynasties in south India were highly religious and patronized the creative pursuits, including the building of exquisite temples. The Pallavas and Cholas were known for their extraordinary sense for creative arts and for promoting Dravidian architecture. There are many temples dotted all over south India and are some of these are major crowd pullers attracting tourists from the distant corners of India and abroad. Enjoy the beauty of the south India temples while you enjoy the amazing diversity of peninsular India.

The most important temples of South India include the following -

Kerala Temples

Kerala Temples True to its title, ‘God’s own country’, Kerala is one of the sacred states of India. Numerous lofty temples which trace their origins to antiquity, always remain chock-a-block with pilgrims. Dotted in every nook and corner of the state, these ancient temples showcase the religious dedication of Keralites. Completely different in architectural designs, Kerala temples are constructed in harmony with natural resources and climatic conditions of the state. Some of the most significant temples of Kerala are:

* Guruvayoor Temple

* Sabarimala Temple

Tamilnadu Temples
Tamilnadu TemplesEmbellished with endless array of magnificent temples with lofty towers, Tamil Nadu is reffered as ‘Land of Temples’. These temples are the excellent repository of dravidain culture and perfect testimony of unique art forms that evolved over several centuries. Several ancient rulers of the state has patonised these temples during their respective reigns and constructed them with brick and mortar. Some of the most significant temples of Tamilnadu are:

* Meenakshi Temple
* Kanyakumari
* Murugan Temple
* Mahabalipuram
* Kanchipuram Temple
* Rameshwaram

Karnataka Temples
Karnataka Temples Along with its ample of treasures that beckons tourists from various corners of world, Karnataka also has a long list of some magnificent temples. Adorned with typical dravidian style, the temples of Karnataka encompasses a radiance of peace and tranquillity within themselves. Intricate sculptures mark the rock-cut and ancient temples of the state, which are now regarded as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the most significant temples of Karnataka are:

* Badami Cave Temple
* Somnathpur Temple

Andhra Pradesh Temples
Andhara Pradesh Temples Andhra Pradesh is another south-Indian state that abounds prolific religious monuments and archeological remains. The temples of this state illustrates diverse style of temple designs amongst all the temples of the country. The Chalukan, the Dravidian , the Nagara and the Orissa idioms are quiet easily seen in the architectural designs of these temples. One of the most visited temple of India named Tirupati Balaji is the prime attraction of the state. Some of the most significant temples of Andhra Pradesh are:

* Tirupati Tirumala Balaji Temple
* Thousand Pillar Temple

Major Temples in South India
Badami Cave Temples Guruvayoor Temple ISKCON Temples
Jagannath Temple Kailash Temple Lepakshi Temple
Lingaraja Temple Meenakshi Temple Mukteswara Temple
Sabarimala Temple Thousand Pillar Temple Tirupati Tirumala Balaji

Temples in South India By State
Temples in Andhra Pradesh Temples in Tamil Nadu
Temples in Karnataka Temples in Kerala

Famous Pilgrimage Destinations of South India
Bhubaneswar Chidabaram Kanchipuram
Kanyakumari Konarak Madurai
Mahabalipuram Puri Puttaparthi
Rameshwaram Shirdi Sravanabelagola
Thanjavur Tirupati