Harvalem Waterfall Goa

Harvalem Waterfall can be found near a small village called Sanquelim. The place was once home to ferocious Rajput mercenaries. Near the village there are a number of caves called the Arvalem Caves or Harvalem Caves. At a very short distance from the caves, you will find the Harvalem waterfalls. During monsoon, the waterfall volume of water increases to such an extend that it cascades down the slope with much noise. The winter, however, is relatively dry.

The waterfall is pretty impressive and awe - inspiring in magnitude. The water cascades down the mountain slope from a height of about 50 meters. Set amidst the enchantingly beautiful landscape, the waterfall has in its vicinity another interesting travel destination, the famous Rudreshwar Temple. The temple occupies a great importance with the Hindus who believe in the resurrection of the soul after death.

The beauty of the place lies in its ambience and charming surroundings. The beautiful temple, the serene atmosphere, the mysterious rock cut caves and above all the flowing waterfall in the middle of dense forest can be a wonderful place to visit. From Mapusa you can reach the place in 2 hours by bus. After that it is only half an hours walk to the caves. The accessibility of the place is another reason for its popularity as a tourist destination.