Entertainment In Goa

Goa has a popular perception of being very entertaining. Other than the delight that tourists might take from cosmopolitan entertainment like discos and pubs, Goa has also the provision that allows tourists to indulge in other forms of entertainment like trekking and bird watching. Dr. Salim Ali Bird sanctuary in Chorao island is without doubt one of the finest bird sanctuaries in India. Keen bird watchers can go there to get a glimpse of some of the rare bird that are still making their presence felt in the world.

Goa is often defined as the land of sea, sand and sun. The beaches of Goa attracts a lot of tourists from across the world throughout the year. Lazing about the beach is a pretty good entertainment no doubt, but there are also provisions for water sports. Tourists can be assured of the fact that there are enough amenities along the beaches of Goa to allow then make a splash in the water.

Goa is among the first places in India introduced the casino to the country. The first floating casino in India is MS Caravela, named after the first Portuguese vessel that came to India. In this luxury catamaran you can be sure to have a whale of a time. Another important place of entertainment is crocodile watching. The mangrove forest, near the village of Cumbarjua, is the home to a large number of crocodiles. These reptiles sun bath along the 15 km long canal. Just 20 minutes by car away from the capital city of Panaji, the place is a huge tourist attraction. The crocs found here are all fresh water crocs and are called "muggers" by local people.

Go-Karting has become a craze in Goa. People have taken to the sports as duck takes to water. The thrill of getting behind the wheel and speeding away has become an addiction for the young and the old. Theme parties have become a craze in Goa. After sun down, people simply let their hair down and shake a leg at popular discotheques. Scuba diving, angling and parasailing are also a few other activities that tourists may indulge in.