Wayanad Hill Station

Luxuriant plantations of coffee, tea, cardamom, pepper and rubber stretch over the hills of Wayanad as far as the eye can see, MunnaWayanad Hill StationWith the fast-flowing rivers- Panamaram, Mananthavady and kabini- cutting across the undulating panorama and lending picture-postcard look to the whole region. The north eastern tip of Kerala. Its pretty image notwithstanding, perhaps what the visitor finds most endearing abnout this quaint little hill station is ilts large tribal population and their fascinating lilferstuyles.

Including revered monarchs of barely fifty -strong tribes. An in -vogue barter system. And ancient rituals. Not surprisingly, based on evidences still found ofn these hills, historians contend that civilization existed in these parts at least a thousand years before Christ.

Edakkal Caves: The two rock vaves at Ambukuthy Hills, 12 kms south of Sultan's Battery (travel time: 20 min), contain ancient carvings and pictorial writhings with human and animal figurs in puculiar headdressesss along with geometric from and symbols.They speak of ahighly civilized people at an early centre of human habitation.

Thirunelly: At just 32 kms from Mananthavady (travel time; 1 hour ), the eye-catching backdrop of Brahma -giri hills lend an idyllic charm to Thirunelly where the Vishnu Temlple touched by the soothing streams of Papanasini provides eternal bliss to the searching pilgrim.

Pookot Lake: With its own dream-like serenity, this natural fresh water lake surrounkded by meadows and trees on all sides is a haven for peace-seeking travellers. You'll find it on your way from Calicut half an hour ahead of kalpetta.

Kalpetta: A stronghold of the jains in the past Two historic jain temples-one of which, through a network of mirrors bedazzle the visitor with a thousand inkages of the icon-are found here.

Mananthavady: Historicallly important as the last resting place of Pazhassirajah who fought a guerilla war against the British.

Getting there: An enjoyable climlb of about 1100 metres through a distance of 90kms ( time taken: 2 hours) from Calicut brings you to the cool comforts of Wayanad.

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