Araku Valley Hill Station

Location: Visakhapatnam district
Altitude: 1,300 meters
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

Araku Valley is a soothing hill station in the expanse of Andhra Pradesh. Enveloped in pastoral beauty, this beautiful valley has an elevation of 1,300 meters. Imagine a deep valley, where lush greenery is accompanied by shimmering waters of gorges and then you see an isolated hut and wish, if you could go there. Aruku Valley is essentially such a place, where the scenery exactly goes with your mind's eye.

On your drive towards this peaceful hill station, you will be greeted by many tunnels, bridges, orchards and waterfalls. Aruku Valley is actually a faction of five unfathomable valleys. It is certainly a great place to relax and unwind yourself. Over and above, you can go for trekking in the serene hills. Ranging from salubrious weather to beautiful landscape, Araku Valley has each and every asset to acclaim it as a Shangri-La.

The immense and incomparable beauty of the valley comes alive in its waterfalls, gardens and forests. It is also known for its tribal settlements and you can check out the Aruku Tribal Museum, to have a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of the tribal people. Some attractions not to be missed on your trip to Aruku Valley are Damuku View Point, Padmapuram Botanical Gardens, Tida Tunnel, Government Silk Farm and Mulberry Gardens.

The valley boasts of unmatched natural beauty and magnificent splendor. From various viewpoints, you can behold the heavenly vista of the profound valley. The wonderful landscape seems to be straight out of a fairytale. The surroundings are picturesque and the atmosphere serene. A visit to the valley is the perfect way to escape from the mundane tensions of the everyday life. Just a look of Aruku Valley is enough to remain etched in your memory forever and ever.

How To Reach Araku Valley

By Air :- The nearest airport is Vishakhapatnam at a distance of 112-km.

By Train :- Araku Station (136 km from Viskhapatnam).

By Road :- One can drive up from Viskhapatnam or take any of the buses plying here. (117 km from Viskhapatnam).

Best Time To Visit

Best time to travel Araku Valley is October To February.

In And Arround Places In Araku

Araku Tribal Museum :- The Tribal Museum in Araku Valley explores the tribal culture of Eastern Ghats. The Tribal Museum exhibits rich tribal tradition and several artifacts. One can see the tools used by the tribes and avail information about the social and cultural aspects of the tribal people. There is a stall in the museum where handicrafts items of the tribes are sold.

Anantagiri Hills :- Anantagiri is a breathtakingly beautiful resort sheltered in the lush undulating ranges of the Eastern Ghats. It is considered to be a perfect head off to get away from the blistering summer months. Ananthagiri is perched at an altitude where the panoramic vista unfolds stunning viewpoints.

Driving through picturesque coffee plantations the road to Anantagiri with its ups and downs on the Ghat route is literally enveloped with mango groves, waterfalls that gush and flow into the ravines. The Eastern Ghats rail route on this stretch is one of the highest broad gauge tracks in the world.

Bheemunipatnam Beach :- Bheemunipatnam Beach is about 25-km from Vishakhapatnam and prime attraction of Araku Valley. The most important aspect of interest at the place is the beach, which is perhaps matchless for its beauty all along the east coast.

Borra caves :- Borra caves is located at a distance of above 90-95 km from Vishakhapatnam and prime attraction of Araku Valley and Situated at 1400 metres above sea-level, they spread over the Eastern Ghats and occupy an area of 2 sq km. William King George of the Geological Survey of India discovered these caves in the year 1807.

Deep in the caves there is a “Shivalingam” over which there is an idol of a cow “Kamdhenu” and the river Gosthani takes its origin from the udder of this cow. The mercury and halogen lamps lit inside make the interior of the caves colourful and spectacular.

Tyda Park :- It is located 75 kms. from Visakhapatnam on the Araku road, Tyda is being developed with camping facilities at Jungle Bells to provide an enchanting experience in the wilderness to tourists. A home for a variety of wild mammals and avitauna, Tyda is ideal for viewing wild life and bird watching. Other attractions are rock climbing, trekking and targetting with bow and arrows.

Dhimsa Dance :- The natural beauty of this valley comes alive with its rich landscape. The Dhimsa dance an age-old folk dance of the aborigines is still performed here in Araku Valley during 'Itika Pongal' - the famous hunting festival in April.

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