Raigarh Travel Guide

About 1485 Square miles of area sorrounded by Sarangarh State in South and Jaspur in north along with Gangpur State in east was known as Raigarh State in early days .Though much about ancient history is not known clearly, however Some historical evidances shows that Raigarh had some relation with succession of kings of the GOND family of Chanda district. It is belived that Madan Singh of Bairagarh Village of Chanda District came to Raigarh and established his kingdome here.The successor King of Raigarh State after Mahraja Madan Singh were Mahraja Takhat Singh, Mahraja Beth Singh, Mahraja Dilip Singh, Mahraja Jujhar Singh, Mahraja Devnath Singh, Mahraja Ghanashyam Singh, Mahraja Bhupdev Singh, Mahraja Natwar Singh and Mahraja Chakradhar Singh.Truely speaking music, dance and literature got an important place in ruleing era of Mahraja Bhupdev Singh and developed in fullswing in the era of Mahraja Chakradhar Singh (1924-1947).Mahraja Chakradhar Singh who, himself was a great Musisian (TABLA) gathered devotee persons from diffarent field like Music ,Literature, Dance.

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Ram Jharna

Lord Ram is believed to have drunk from this natural spring, about 18 km from Raigarh. Ram Jharna is a popular picnic spot.

Gomarda Resrve Forest

This 278 sq km forest, about 60 km from Raigarh, in Sarangarh, is home to tigers and bears.

Chakradhar Samaroh

This music festival, is organised by the Ustad Allaudin Khan Sangeet Academy and the Chakradhar Lalit Kala Kendra, to commemorate the memory of Maharaja Chakradhar Singh. This former ruler, a great tabla player and dancer, wrote many books on music

How To Reach

By Road

Buses can be taken from the main city of Raipur ,Durg,Bilaspur.

By Rail

Raigarh well connected with railways in mumbai - kolkatta Route.

By Air

Nearest Airport is Raipur.