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Located at the edge of the scenic Maikal Hill ranges and to the south east of the famous Kanha National Park, Kawardha is a small but exceptionally beautiful town of Chhattisgarh. Famous for its exceptional natural beauty and unique cultural heritage, Kawardha offers an enchanting and tranquil retreat to its visitors.

Kawardha lies in a predominantly tribal region with the Gond and the Baiga tribes forming the majority of populations in the area. These tribes are mainly inhabited in the inaccessible forest areas, south of Jabalpur. Visit and discover the unique tribal life and rich cultural heritage of the region on your Kawardha Tour. On your tours to Kawardha, visit the beautiful Kawardha Palace.

On your tours to Kawardha, you can also enjoy exciting excursions. The 11th century AD Shiva Bhoramdeo Temples (18 km) are known for their exquisite stone carvings and illustrations of local deities. The temples are among major attractions of the region. The Saroda Reservoir, an artificial lake (12 km) is a beautiful and quiet picnic spot, offering boating and fishing facilities. You can also visit the famous 19th century Radha Krishna Temple having underground rooms and the holy water tank, nearby. The underground rooms at the temple and Ujiyar Sagar (a water tank) located adjacent to the temple adds to its charm. For wildlife enthusiasts, a trip to Sahaspur Wildlife Sanctuary (21 km) can be a rewarding experience. The beautiful and lush green sanctuary is home to a wide variety of wildlife including leopards, sloth bears, cheetah, jackals, jungle cats, etc.

Tourist Attraction in   Kawardha                                                                          

The Bhoramdeo temple is carved on the rocky stones in the Nagar style. This temple was built in the period of 7th to 11th century A.D. The Shiva Linga in the temple is beautifully carved and the artistic appeal beckons the visitors. The Bhoramdeo temple has a resemblance with the Sun temple of Konark and The Khajuraho temple , and that is why it is also called the Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh. The “Madwa Mahal” near the Bhoramdeo temple is another beautiful historic monument, worth seeing. Just one km. away from Bhoramdeo , Madwa Mahal is known as the memorial of the marriage of Nagavanshi king and Haihawanshi Queen. ‘Madwa’ is a word from the local dialect synonymous to marriage pandal. Madwa Mahal was originally a Shiva temple but due its shape, like a marriage shamiyana, it is known as “Madwa Mahal”. It is also called Dullhadeo. Nagavanshi emperor Ramchandra Deohas built it in 1349 A.D. The Shiva Linga is inside the ‘Garbha Grih’ and the ‘Mandap rests upon 16 pillars’. The erogenous idols of this temple are also extremely beautiful. On the outer walls there are as many as 54 erotic sculptures in different poses. These asanas from the “Kam sutra”, are truly an epitome of eternal love and beauty. They are artistically significant too. TheNagavanshi Kings were believed to be the practitioners of ‘Trantra’ as their contemporaries in Khajuraho. The traces of turmeric on the walls, indicate that marriage and other rituals must have been performed here from time to time. The Bhoramdeo temple, in the backdrop of natural beauty, is also unique for its architecture. The main temple here has two parts. One is known as Ishtika made temple and the other is completely stone-carved. The main Bhoramdeo temple is in front of atranquil and cool lake. This medieval temple has been constructed upon a five feet high sprawling platform including a ‘Mandap’(shelter) Antral(Passage) and ‘Garbha Grih’(The main house of God). This east facing temple three openings except in the west. The brick-Structured temple also has similar Garbha Grih, as in main temple but there is no ‘Mandap’ in the front and only a open projected wall is there called ‘Allinda’. The top of this temple , too , is equal to the Bhoramdeo temple but the peak is broken mid-way. The entrance of the ‘Garbha Grih’ is completely stone-carved having one centre pillar and three adjoining pillars still intact. Inside the main temple there are shiva Linga and idols of Uma-Maheshwar. The king and queen are standing in the front as the worshippers.

Kabirdham is a peaceful and attractive place located on the Southern bank of river Sakri. Due to the advent of Kabir Sahib and the establishment of the seat of descendants of his disciple Dharmdas, it was named as Kabirdham. Before Damakhera, District Raipur,this was the seat of Kabir Panthis. Both the above tehsil Head-Quarters tehsil Kabirdham and Pandariya of District Kabirdham are important from historical point of view also. Not only Kabirdham but also the place Chaura and Chhapri located at about 17 Km. from Kabirdham, which is known as Bhoramdev,is a very important place historically and archeologically. This place was the capital of Nagvanshi kings from about 9th century to 14th century.After that this came under possession of Haihayvanshi kings who were related to state Ratanpur. The Archaelogical remains of the temple and old fort constructed by these kings are still available.

How to Reach
By Air: Raipur (140 km), the capital city of Chhattisgarh, is the nearest airport from Kawardha.
By Rail: The nearest major railheads from Kawardha are Raipur (140 km) and Bilaspur (124 km).
Road: Kawardha is well connected by roads from Raipur (140 km) and Bilaspur (124 km) with regular buses plying between these locations.