Jashpur Tourism - Travel Guide

Jashpur is both a city and a district of the state of Chhattisgarh. Jashpur is also known as Jashpur Nagar. According to 2001 census, Jashpur Nagar has the total population of 20,190, comprising of 11,020 males and 170 females.

It is geographically located at 22° 53' 60 North Latitude and 84° 9' 0 East Longitude. It is situated at an altitude of 752 meters. The state of Chhattisgarh was carved out from the state of Madya Pradesh. It constitutes of sixteen districts namely Bilaspur, Janjgir, Raigarh, Sarguja, Raipur, Bastar, Durg, Korea, Korba, Dantewada, Mahasamunda, Kavardha, Dhamtari, Champa, Jashpurnagar, Kanker, and Rajnandgaon. The mountain series of Mekal, Ramgiri and Sihava surround the state.

The nearest cities and towns of Jashpur Nagar city are Noapara (9.7 nm) in the West, Sakardih (7.6 nm) Chainpur (15.0 nm) and Konrra (12.6 nm) in the North, Dumbartoli (12.9 nm) Raikera (9.5 nm) in the East and Khatanga (9.2 nm) in the South.

Jashpur Nagar has a number of fascinating places to visit namely Devi temple, Shiv temple, Balaji temple, Residence of Raja's, Shanti Bhawan and Church, Rani Sati Garden etc. You can even go to some of the other tourist attractions, which are situated, close to Jashpur Nagar like Ranidah Waterfall, Loroghat and Sougarha.

Jharsuguda (59 nm) and Rourkela (53 nm) are the two important rail stations, which are the nearest from the city of Jashpur Nagar and these stations are very well linked to the major cities of India.

PLACES TO SEE IN JASHPUR                                                                  

Kotebira Eb River: The Kotebira Eb River is encircled by mesmerizing beauty and undulating terrain. The river has a rocky location, which takes the form of a dam wall. This place hosts a worship fair each year. The distance between this place and the headquarters is 60 Kms. It is located close to Tapkara on the river named Eb.

Rajpuri Water fall: The Rajpuri Waterfall is famous for its beauty and splendor. The location offers a fantastic spot for carrying out a picnic. The distance between the waterfall and the headquarters is 90 Kms. It is located close to Bagicha. 

Kailash gupha(Cave): The cave have been constructed by carving it out of the rocks in a mountain. The architecture of the structure is appreciated by many a number of people.

Danpuri Waterfall: Situated right in the heart of the forest, one can access the base of the waterfall in a time period of about 2 hours.

Rani Dah waterfall: The distance of this waterfall from the administrative headquarters at Echkela is a mere 12 Kms. This location offers an enjoyable spot for a picnic. The visitors can get mesmerized by the natural beauty of the place.

Cathedral (Mahagirja Ghar) Kunkuri: As per the anti Christian groups, this Cathedral ranks second. In the year 1962, the construction of this Cathedral took place during the time of the Late Rev. Bishop Stanislas Tigga. The construction of the Cathedral was finished by Fr.Manustain during the era of the Late Re. Bishop Francis Ekka. In the year 1979’s 27th October, the inauguration of the Cathedral took place. There are seven numbers of arcades present, which are in the form of an arch. Lying in front of the cathedral, there is a small gorgeous holy place for people, who want to offer their prayers to Mother Marry.

Damera: The distance between the BadhyeeKhana Village and Damera is 12 Kms. It is located in the south direction of Jashpur Nagar. During the occasions of RamNavmi and Kartik Purnima, a large mela or fair is hosted here.

Khuriarani Cave: One of the most significant historical locations in the Jashpur Nagar is the Khuriarani Cave. The inhabitants of this region are called Korva Janjati. The distance of this place from Bagicha Village is 17 Kms.

Snake Park: Naglok is the popular name by which Tapkara is called, owing to the presence of varied species of snakes. In order to shield the humans and also preserve the snakes of the region, the government has developed this snake park.

Sograh Aghor Ashram: The distance between Jashpur Nagar and the Sograh Aghor Ashram is 18 Kms. The temple dedicated to Avdhot Bhagvan Shri Ram is present here. The historical significance and the intriguing facts about this place make the tourists to come here and visit this place.

Badalkhol Abhyaran: Under the region of the forest department, the Badal Khole Abhyaran is included. This place is spread over a land of about 104 square feet. The weather condition of this place is quite apt for the living of animals and birds.

Gullu waterfall: The distance between the waterfall and the city of Jashpur is 25 Kms. The origin point of the waterfall is at the river named Eb. The names of the villages that are located close to the waterfall are Bane, Orkela, Alori and Patiya. Another location to see around this place is the Badal Khole Abhyaran, where one can observe many a number of animals and birds dwelling in the wild habitat.

Rani Jhoola: Rani Jhoola has quite a historical significance. It is located near to the Bagicha Village. The origin point of the waterfall is at the river named Eb. A temple has been constructed here. The length of the River Eb is 202 Kms.

Bane Waterfall: The splendid waterfall named the Bane Waterfall is situated at a distance of 25 Kms from Kunkuri. It is a natural waterfall.

Hara Deepa: The closest village that is located to Astha is the hara Deepa village. A vast amount of Sal trees are present here. A location related to many a mythical stories, named Duadas-Tuling is present here.

Snake Park:
Tapkara is known as NAGLOK from ancient ,this place have many types of snake. they always bites the people of Tap Kara , but the main problem has arises that how we can protect to humans and Snakes so for region Government of chhattisgarh planed to developed the snake park in tapkara region, government trained to peoples of tap Kara to protecting snake bites & snake too.

Loro Ghatee: The distance of Loro Ghati from Jashpur is 15 Kms. The mesmerizing charm of a hill station is contained by this place. The presence of huge amount of vibrant flowers has made this place quite renowned.

Bel Mahadev: This place is basically a cave situated in a hilly terrain. The distance between this place and the city of Jashpur is a mere 2 Kms. It is located on the western flank of the Kadam toil. On each and every Mahashivratri, this place is visited by numerous people, dwellers of this region as well as visitors from distant places.


By Air: The nearest air terminal is the Raipur Airport, which is located at a distance of 480 Kms from Jashpur.
By Road: Jashpur is situated on the NH 78. This place contains one of the best road connections. State buses are easily available.
By Rail: The closest railway station to Jashpur is located in Raigarh, set at a distance of 199 Kms from Jashpur.