Dantewada Tourism

Out of all the districts of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, the district of Dantewada is the most enchanting and panoramic district. It is situated in the Bastar region. Dantewada is an age old town of India. It has once been the capital city of the one of the many prosperous kingdoms in the ancient past. Some of the names by which this place was called before are Tarlapal and Dantawali.

The entire region of Dantewada is full of enchanting terrain which includes both mighty hills and lush meadows, forest of sal and teak and sparkling gushing rivers. The names of the rivers which pass through the area of Dantewada are Indravati, Godavari, Shabhari, Shankhini and Dankiny.

 Some of the principal destinations in the district of Dantewada are the old temple of Danteshwari, the temple of Bairam Baba, Barsur and Bhadrakali, the Bailadila Iron ore Project Temple and tiny towns situated on the summits of the hills such as the towns of Akash Nagar and Kailash Nagar.

PLACES TO VISIT IN DANTEWADA                                                                

Goddess Danteshwari Temple

The most popular destination among the tourists is the Goddess Danteshwari Temple in Dantewada. This is an ancient temple which is dedicated to the Goddess Danteshwari. Located at the confluence of the River Shankini and the River Dhankini, this temple reflects the South Indian architecture style and displays the various religious beliefs of the Bastar tribes. The prime attractions of the temple are the black stone idol and the Garuda pillar. Also, the temple has been divided in four zones that are the Mukhya Mandap, Garbha Griha, Maha Mandap, and the Sabha Mandap. Dussehra is a festival which is celebrated largely in this temple during the month of October which attracts numerous devotees.

Dantewada: Dantewada is an age old town of India. It has once been the capital city of the one of the many prosperous kingdoms in the ancient past. Some of the names by which this place was called before are Tarlapal and Dantawali.

One of the principal crowds pulling item of this town is the Goddess Danteswari Temple. This temple s counted as one of the Shaktipithas of India. The South Indian style of architecture is reflected from the structure of this temple. The location of the temple is same as the convergence of the two rivers named Shankini and Dhankini. Another temple named the Bhairm Baba temple is also present in the town.

Bailadila: This mighty mountain range named Bailadila is renowned all over the globe for its rich deposition of Iron Ore, which is of the best quality. As many as 14 numbers of deposits are exposed till date, while only three of them witness mining activities going in them.

The name ‘Bailadila’ has been given because of the particular shape of the peaks of the range, which looks like humps of ox. ‘Bailadila’ stands for humps of ox in the native language. ‘Akash Nagar’ contains the mines of the Iron ore. This location comes under the top most peak of the mountain range. The journey between the two places namely Bacheli and Akash Nagar mesmerizes the visitors with their enchanting view of the whole region and the meandering twists and turns.

The name of another peak of the Bailadila mountain range is the Kailash Nagar. This peak alos has the same enchanting beauty as Akash Nagar. The rare and uncommon deposits of ‘Blue Dust’ can be observed here.

Barsur: Geedam, a tiny town, is located at a distance of 75 Kms from Jagdalpur. The village called Barsur is located in the north direction of the village named Geedam. During the time period of the Gangawanshi rulers in the 804 AD, this place was the seat of power and prosperity. The title of the city of temples and ponds has been given to Barsur. As per general belief, there were as many 147 temples in here and also there were same number of ponds. Though, this mighty town of Barsur has long fallen from its glorious rank, yet people still come here for the historical reasons. Mama-Bhanjaa temple, Chandraditya temple and Battisa temple are some of the famous temples in Barsur.

Bodhghat Sath Dhar: This place is located at a distance of 6 Kms from Barsur. Here, at this location, the river named Indravati separates into 7 numbers of portions which culminate to take the shape of a splendid waterfall. The waterfall is encircled by the enchanting woods and the mighty mountains. This location is perfect for carrying out an enjoyable picnic.

Memory Pillars of Gamawada: The distance between this place and Dantewada is 14 Kms. A tiny village named Gama Wada is situated on the road that leads to Bacheli. One can observe the huge pillars here, which have been made out of stone. These pillars reflect the ancient customs and traditions of the tribal group of people. These pillars have been constructed dedicated to the ancestors and relatives of the dwellers of that time.

Mama-Bhanjaa Temple:Mama-Bhanjaa Temple which consists of the idols of Lord Narasimha and Lord Ganesha is among the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. This temple which reflects the Dravidian style of architecture possesses a height of around 50 feet. Apart from this it has several walls which are carved with different sculptures and a dome. There is also a Shiva Temple and a Ganesha Temple which is located close to the Mama-Bhanjaa Temple to which also the tourists pay a visit.


By Air: The closest air terminal is the air terminal in Raipur, which is set at a distance of 347 Km from Dantewada.
By Road: Dantewada is located adjacent to the State Highway Number 16. For road transportation there are private cabs and state run buses available.
By Rail: The Dantewada Railway Station connects Dantewada through trains.