Island Destinations In India

The island towns are basically the islands encompassed by the lush forests, formed due to the sudden impedance of the flow of the river and other water bodies before reaching the ocean. The synthesis of clear river water, yellow sun and the deep blue sky offers a magical splendor to the Island towns whilst making these the popular tourist destinations.

Also known as the river islands, the island towns in India are the Ithiel towns blessed with a moderate population and are also the most sought after destinations to enjoy nature at its best. Amongst the Island towns in India the Cauvery River islands has played a great role in shaping the Indian demography. The Cauvery River leaves the Kodagu hills and flows onto the Deccan plateau, forming two islands, Srirangapatna and Shivanasamudra

Another vast river island in the Brahmaputra river is the Majuli Island. This is the biggest river Island, famous for its picturesque beauty. The piece of land lying loosely amidst the azure waters is as if a never never land where beauty drops her image on almost everything. The Brahmaputra river island is a home to a number of unique Vaishnavite and Hindu monasteries, famous for performances of religious dance-dramas.

Tourism has developed centering the Indian island towns and are believed to be the the ideal escape destination.

Srirangapatna Island
Shivanasamudram Islands
Cauvery River
Chorao Island
Rameswaram Island
Sriharikota Island
Vypeen Island
Willington Island
Kavvayi Island
Elephanta Island