Cuisines of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the land of colors and vibrancy, is a delight for travelers. Besides its historic monuments, Rajasthan is also known for its mouthwatering Cuisine. No tour to Rajasthan is complete without savoring the Rajasthani food. As you travel to Rajasthan, sample some of the famous Cuisine of Rajasthan such as dal-bati and Besan Chakki.

As you travel to Rajasthan, Cuisines of Rajasthanpamper your taste buds with a number of tempting spicy Rajasthani Cuisine. Some of the widely renowned Rajasthani Cuisine are dal-bati, besan-chakki, churma, jhajariya, gevar, balusahi, tarfini, raabdi, bail-gatte, panchkoota, chaavadi, laapasi, nukhti, googri and dhungari hui chaach. The most interesting fact of Rajasthani food is that some recipes are passed on by generations to generations.

While your stay in Rajasthan, feel like royalty and relish royal delicacies in the most regal and unique setting. The Rajasthani food boasts of a tempting variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. In Rajasthan, the food is predominantly cooked in pure ghee. The aroma and taste of Rajasthani food will linger in your mouth long after you left the dining area.

In Rajasthan, dry fruits, yogurt and spices are used while cooking many dishes. Also sample Querymany savouries and sun-dried snacks. As you embark on a journey to taste the rich flavors and aroma of Rajasthan, indulge your taste buds in variety of dishes. In cities like Jaisalmer, Barmer and Bikaner, cooks prepare food with minimum of water and use more milk and buttermilk instead. Mewa Kachori of Jodhpur, Dil jani of Udaipur, Malpuas of Pushkar, Ghevar and Mishri Mawa of Jaipur and Sohan Halwa of Ajmer will leave you with many sweet and delightful memories.