Tirur Kerala

A small town in Kerala and one of its most significant business centres, Tirur, is located in the Malappuram district of Kerala. Added to its importance is its historical significance due to the fact that it was Tirur which was a part of the first railway line in Kerala. Tour to Tirur takes the visitor in and around Tirur where there are a number of places of historical significance. What makes Tirur a unique destination in Kerala, is the religious harmony in which people from different creeds stay.

Tourist Attractions in Tour to Tirur

There are quite a few places of tourist attraction sin Tirur. These are

 Trikkandiyur Lord Shiva Temple
 Idiyattu Temple in Pachattiri, a beautiful village near Tirur.
 Puthiyangadi, a small scared Muslim town near Tirur, famous for the Pudiyangadi Mosque.
 Thunchan Parambu, in Tirur, birthplace of Thunchathu Ramanujan Ezhuthchan, the Father of the Malayalam Language.
 Thirunavanaya, 7 km from Tirur, the land of ancient Mamankam, an ostentatious congregation of rulers that was held once in 12 years.
 GarudanKavu, 6 km from Tirur has the only temple dedicated to Garuda in Kerala.

Accommodation in Tour to Tirur

For accommodation in Tirur, there are a number of hotels in Malappuram. These are

Hotel Mahendrapuri
Ambady Tourist Home
Sinai Tourist Home
Gulf Tourist Home

How to reach Tirur

The nearest airport that can be availed to reach Tirur by air is the Karipur International Airport , 36 km from Malappuram. The rail station from Tirur is 8 km away.