Pondicherry Beaches

The beach-comber and the sun-worshipper have miles of nirvana in Pondicherry. The waters are cool and soothing. The sands clear and sparkling. In splendid seclusion. Quite often, your only company is a lone seagull. Or a sandpiper. Many resorts, cottages, cafes and bars command an excellent view of the sea.

Serenity Beach
A ten-minute drive to the north of the town brings you to these virgin sands. The ambience is well-captured in its name. You can touch the calm. Ideal for a quick dip, a touch of the sun and a cool reprieve in the shade.

Plage Paradiso (Paradise Beach)
At Chunnambar, 8 kms from the town, along Cuddalore Main Road, lies this stretch of tropical paradise. Flanked h a quiet-flowing creek on one side. In fact, you can sail downstream to the sands and pitch up a cozy seaside tent for yourself. Overnighting within the tree-houses on the backwater banks provides a relishing experience of the great outdoors. A short, pleasant cruise into the sea from here could reward you with the memorable sight of playful dolphins in natural habitat, horsing around.

Karaikal Beach
Sunrise-watchers can catch their magnificent view over the bay, with the pretty Arasalar river reaching out to the sea. Alternatively, you can canoe or kayak in picture-book surroundings. Have a round of beach volley ball. Or, armed with the angling gear, you can reel in a surprise.

Mahe Beach
Twenty two kms south of Kannur, on the northern strip of coastal Kerala lies this bewitching beach strip. From Calicut, you will find this 75 kms north of the town, bordered by a luxuriant crop of tall palm. And dotted with numerous fishing hamlets.

Yanam River Cruise
Yanam, in coastal Andhra Pradesh, provides a different route to exhilaration. As you enjoy a sunset cruise down the spectacular Goringa Godavari river which winds through rich mangrove forests.