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Punjab is one of India's most beautiful states. The century old Punjabi culture is renowned for its tolerance, progressive and logical approach to life. The state is the location of one of the world's first and oldest civilizations - the Indus Valley Civilization. Above all, the warmth and hospitality of the people are the main attractions in this region. Punjab has many things to offer to an enthusiast who wants to explore it. Some of the main cities in Punjab are Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Patiala. Punjab has a vast public transportation network, which provides excellent tourist transportation.

Punjab fulfills the dream of a perfect traveler. This north Indian state is a perfect destination for pilgrimage tour in the country. The world’s largest gurudwara – the Golden Temple is here which attracts millions of devotees from across the whole world to see its inimitable architecture. Apart from gurudwaras, the land is also studded with historical monuments, temples, churches, mosques and a number of other holy shrines that remain unexplored.

Tourism in Punjab is principally suited for the tourist interested in culture, ancient civilization, and spirituality and epic history. Punjab has a rich history incorporating Sikhism and Hinduism. Along with the celebrated Punjabi culture, the royal Punjabi palaces, historic battles, shrines, temples and examples of Sikh Architecture.

Punjab, the land of five rivers and integrated cultural history, is a treasure trove for an avid tourist. For this land of great Gurus not only boasts of ancient monuments but throbs with historical embodiments. It is no secret that whoever comes to this land of yellow fields with Blue Mountains providing the romantic and picturesque backdrop has never gone back without imbibing the essence of Punjab.

Punjab is an ideal weekend destination with something in store for everyone. For more on Punjab tourism navigate to:

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How to Reach Punjab

Getting around in Punjab is not difficult, but one should know the possible means of transportation before going to Punjab. Punjab is easy to reach by road, train, or airplane. From New Delhi, Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab, is 246 kilometers. Amritsar, the holiest city for the Sikhs, is 446 kilometers.

The entire Punjab State is connected through an extensive network of medalled roads. State Highways connect major cities to the state capital. NH 1 or the Grand Trunk Road connects the state with most of the north as well as east India.

Punjab has about 35,000 kilometers of state and rural roads. The national highway is about 1000 kilometers. The roads link the 12,342 villages and national highways connect the major towns. Driving from one end of the state to the other takes six hours. Driving from Delhi to Punjab takes four hours.

Almost all major towns and cities have buses going to Chandigarh. Villages have buses going to the nearest major town. Between the major cities, New Delhi, Patiala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, and Chandigarh, there are deluxe bus services. In addition, there is taxi service available in various towns.

Punjab is extensively linked to the other parts of the country by rail. Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Pathankot, and Jalandhar are the major railway hubs in the state from where one can take trains for most parts of the country. Trains pass through all major towns and cities. Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Ferozepur and Jalandhar are on the main line and have excellent daily train services and overnight trains to New Delhi. By express trains, travelling from Delhi to Chandigarh takes three hours. Travelling from Delhi to Amritsar via Ludhiana takes six hours. If given the opportunity, try to travel by train, the trip is scenic and travelling is relatively convenient.

Chandigarh and Amritsar both have airports are connected to other cities in India by regular flights. Indian airlines do have regular flights from Chandigarh to Delhi, Lucknow, Leh, and Amritsar. Jet air also has regular flights to Chandigarh. Domestic travel by plane within all of India is relatively expensive. However, Chandigarh has excellent air service, and it is linked with Delhi. Ludhiana and Amritsar also have daily air service to New Delhi. Furthermore, Amritsar airport is an international airport. By airplane, from Delhi one can reach any city in Punjab within two hours.