Pakshipathalam Kerala

Location : Pakshipathalam is 30 km from Mananthavady, in Wayanad district of Kerala state.
Altitude : 1740 meters above sea level.
Hill region : Brahmagiri hills.
Language : Malayalam
Best time to Visit : November to April, avoid rainy seasons.
Main attraction : Known for the bird life and trekking trails.

How To Reach Pakshipathalam

Pakshipathalam is located high in the Brahmagiri hills. The place is located around 7 km from Thirunelli and 32 km from Mananthavady. You will get motor transports upto Mananthavady. But from there, you have to take trekking through the 17 km forest area. And you have to get the permission from the forest department of Pakshipathalam to enter the area. They will arrange you all the facilities including guides,camping apparatus etc.

For those who want to come from abroad and other far away states, the nearest airport is in Kozhikode- Kozhikde International airports. The nearest railway station is also in Kozhikode. From there, you can get taxis or buses to reach Mananthavady. It's around 120 km away from Kozhikode town. The roads from Kozhikode to Wayanad are in good condition and you will enjoy the trip through the dense forest of Thamarassery churam. Bus services are also available from nearby states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Attractions In Pakshipathalam

The name 'Pakshipathalam' itself means that the place is the abode of birds. There are numerous birds of different species found in Pakshipathalam. The place is also has a watch tower at Garudapara to enthrall the bird watchers, facilitating the spot to provide them opportunities for bird watching. And you can find some of the birds in the deep caves of Pakshipathalam. Don't think that the only wildlife here is birds. The place also has other wildlife species like elephants,peacocks, tigers etc.

The place is actually meant for adventurous people and bird watchers. The way from Thirunelly to Pakshipathalam is a really challenging trekking trail for those adventurous tourists. The 17 km trekking will remain in your mind forever in your mind with it's lush greenery around. The small rivulets and the wild life also adds something to your trip.

Another attraction in Pakshipathalam is the caves present there. The cave also hosts some birds inside it. And it is believed that ancient Saints were meditated here. Garudappara is the most attractive cave there.

Accommodations near Pakshipathalam

There are no hotels and resorts in Pakshipathalam hills. But good and affordable accommodation facilities are available in almost all the main towns of Wayanad. The nearest main town near to Pakshipathalam is Mananthavady. You can get hotels and resorts from here. Some lodges are also availble, if you want. Reservation facilities are available in almost all the main resorts in Wayanad.