Nelliyampathy Hill Station

A forest range 75 kms ( travel time: 2 ½ hours) from Palghat, the Nelliyampathy hillls comprise a chain of ridges cut off from one another by valleys of dense evergreen forests and orange plantations.

The height of the hills ranges from 467 metres to the tallest peak Padagiri loomig at 1572 metres. Accessing Nelliyampathy from Palght is a sensation on its own, as you negotiate over a dozen haipin curves of the ghat road passilng through the fascinating jungles of the Sahya Ranges.

En rout, 17 kms from Palghat, the shimmering Pothundi Reservoir and ilts manicured surroundings make for the ideal stop over.

Seethakundu at nelliyampathy offers fantastic view of the valley below-a wide-angled vision of a third of the entire Palghat area.

Nelliyampathy has immense trekking potential. The Community Hall at Kaikatty provides a good caping ground for the trekkers.

Nelliyampathy has the highest peak at Nellikotta which is also called Padagiri. The hills dipped in the pristine beauty of nature are sprinkled with picturesque tea, coffee, cardamom, vegetable and orange plantations. The hills of Nelliyampathy are a delight to adventure lovers and trekkers.

Seethakundu offers a fantastic view of the valley below-a wide angled panoramic picture of about one third of Palakkad, as beautiful as the green Valleys of Kodaikkanal.

The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary TravelSprawling over 285 sq.kms, this neighbouring sanctrary shelters the largest population of wild Gaur ( Bison) The Cannimare Teak Tree, said to be the largest in the Asian continent towers roughly 5kms away from Thunakadavu-the headquarters of Parambikulam.

Other wildlife Such as the Nilgiri langur, sloth bear, the lilon- tailed macaque and spotted deer abound along with a handful of tigers and leoards.

The garden complex around the dam at malampuzha draws a large holiday and weekend crowd to itself.

A small garden done in Japanese style adds a touch of exotic charm to the landscape. So does the hanging bridge across the canal.

The hills of Nelliyampathy lie at a distance of 75 kms from Palghat ( travel time: 2 ½ hours) and 126 kms from Calicut, ( travel time: 4 hours).