Museums of Andhra Pradesh

The Museums of Andhra Pradesh are a collective source of fruitful insight to the historical past of the state. Regarded as the storeroom of oldest of old antiquities, these Museums serve as the apt ancient archives that describe the rich socio-cultural tradition of the place.

From antique pieces of ancient kingdoms, statues of the primeval ages to famous paintings and works of art, the Museums of Andhra Pradesh are known to have an inspiring array of historical items. The scholars of history and specialists of ancient civilization frequently visit these depositories where they get elaborate details about the most exotic phase of humankind.

The state of Andhra Pradesh accommodates large number important Museums that showcase the rich background of the place. The prominent Museums that efficiently stand on the ground of the state are:

 A. P. State Museum in Hyderabad which houses Bronze gallery, Buddhist gallery, Jain gallery, Brahmanical gallery, Armor chamber and Ajanta gallery among several others

Amaravati Museum at Amaravati which is popular for its store of golden flowers, Gummadiduru necklace of gold and a casket of bones

 The Nizam’s Museum in Hyderabad which has an enviable collection of cars like a 1930 made Rolls Royce, a Mark V Jaguar and a Packard

 The Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad which is famous for a veritable collection of Mughal miniatures, carpets of Persia, porcelain of china and many more antiquities of historical eminence