Munsiyari Hil Station North India

Munsyari 125 kms from Pithoragarh and at an altitude of 2135. A 80 miles journey from Pithoragarh is full of adventure. Flora and fauna changes as one travels, from chir to deodar, deodar to surai and spur to paper tree and rhododendrons. At Nachani(a midway village) greets you with delicious food, resting sites, cold and hot drinks providing tents for stay and enjoying water spoils, angling, river rafting or simply have a cool- cool dip in the Namic glacier originated Ramganga from Nachani. Sulphur springs and the majestic Virthi fall. Which falls from the height of 125 mt. Now the road aligns the higher mountains, the air becomes cooler reaching the top.

It is a day travel through Roseate dawns and crimson dusks can leave you simply searing in the snow laden summits for hours. The picturesque location and water falls along the bank of Gori Ganga may end you exhausting the entire camera roll. It is a splendid time in Munsiyari between March to April, when the whole jungle turns red with rhododendron flowers with gardens- gardens of rhododendron trees having pink, red, dark pink and white flowers combining the Panchachuli peak. It is a site worth watching. A days trek to the nearby village like Darkot 4 kms and Daranti 7 kms can lead to an intimate knowledge of the culturally rich style of the rural inhabitants of Munsiyari.

Tourist attractions in Munsiyari

Till recently, Munsiyari was a restricted area in the Himalayan Inner Line, wedged in between the borders of India, China and Nepal. Restrictions have now eased, placing Munsiyari on the trekking map of the Kumaon Hills.

The forests in the lower reaches are ablaze with rhododendrons in spring. Mountain birds like the whistling thrush, wagtail and hawk cuckoo, falcon and serpent eagle live here. The odd leopard, panther, mountain bear and the musk deer has made its home in the Munsiyari jungles.

Khaliya Top & Betuli Dhar : High altitude gentle slope meadows located at a distance of 7 kms, from Munsyari. Ideal site for skiing and adventure sports. Betuli Dhar is about 5 kms, from Munsyari.

Betulidhar : A big garden of Rhododendron: A clicking point at the sun-set when the whole range turns carved gold and a beautiful skiing slope in winters.

Thamari Kund : A picturesque natural lake surrounded by paper trees, a natural habitat of Musk Deer.

Madkot : 22 kms, from Munsyari. Madkot has hot water springs which cures rheumatism, arthritic pains, skin eruptions etc.

Nanda Devi Temple : A refreshing trek of 3 kms. to the temple from Munsiyari. One can enjoy horse riding on this trek.

Birthi Fall : 19 kms, from Tejarn on the Munsyari motor road. Birthi Falls are quite spectacular for its waterfalls. Wayside amenities and fast food centre is available