Lakshadweep Island Beaches

Lakshadweep Islands is known as the ultimate exotic diving location that lies two hundred and fifty miles off the southwest coast of India in the Arabian Sea. This island destination comprise of the 36 islands that are scattered like emerald green jewels in a sea. Popularly known as the Lakshadweep Island Group, these islands are also called "the Laccadives" and are located 400-kms away from the state of Kerala on the Indian mainland.

The beaches of Lakshadweep are a paradise for divers, but out of Lakshadweep's 36 Arabian Sea coral islands and islets, ten islands are inhabited, and just two, Bangaram and Kadmat, are open to visitors.

The most romantic feature of an island beach is the quiet and uninhabited atmosphere and that's where the beaches of Lakshadweep come into the picture. The palm-fringed beaches of Lakshadweep provide coolness even at in the hottest summer months, making this island region as a destination that can be traveled throughout the year.

Water Sports At Lakshadweep
Snorkelling in the shallow water around Bangaram Island is one of the favourite water sport activities of Lakshadweep beaches. From the 10 inhabited islands of Lakshadweep, only Bangaram and Kadmat islands are open for tourists and there are dive centers on both of these islands. Through out boarding, sailing and rowing, the three uninhabited islands Tinnakara, Parali-I and Parali-II can be accessed. Wind surfing and Kayaking are the best day out water sport activities at the Bangaram Island.

Marine Life In Lakshadweep
With 36 coral islands, Lakshadweep's marine life is the most unique and distinctive island treasure found in India. The lagoons located at the Kadmat and Bangaram islands are home to a spectacular and unexplored world of marine life. Popularly known as the diver's haunt, the pure exotic beauty of soft and hard coral of Lakshadweep islands provides an invitation to must visit this island beach paradise.

The Shell Treasure Of Lakshadweep
Lakshadweep Islands present a unique combination of wilderness experience on both land and sea. Beside the marine life, the one thing that can lure to the tropical beach island destination of Lakshadweep are the shells, that are as exquisite and beautiful as the island itself. So how about choosing these islands as your next beach travel destination

The Islands in Lakshdweep are :

Kavaratti Island
 Kavaratti island presents beautiful calm lagoon forms an ideal spot for water sport swimming and basking on warm sandy beaches. Marine life exhibits can be seen at the marine aquarium which has excellent collection of specimens.

Oceanic Activity at Kavaratti
  You can go for swimming, but if you are not good in swimming than do not be displeased,
you can view the exotic underwater world easily through glass bottomed boats provided by several travel associates. Hire kayaks & sailing yachts are also available here. The Dolphin Drive Centre is another attraction for water sports enthusiasts.

Kalpeni Island
  Kalpeni Island is loved for its scenic beauty and the small islets called Tilakkam & Pitti and an undomesticated island on the north called Cheriyam. A huge shallow lagoon envelopes all of them. A curious feature of Kalpeni atoll is the huge storm bank of coral debris along the eastern and south-eastern shorelines. It is believed that huge boulders were thrown up during a storm in 1847. It is a progressive island; it was in this island that girls first went to school, when women's education was considered a taboo.

Water SkiingOceanic Activities at Kalpeni
 You can swim, reef-walk or water-sport on kayaks, sail boats & pedal boats. Water sports crafts are given on hire; 2 bathing huts with change-rooms are available, at Koomel Beach Resort. A visit to the baniyan factory and the light house is also included in the day's program.

Minicoy Island
 Minicoy Island is about 10.6 Kms long; it is the second longest island in Lakshdweep, the first being Andrott. The crescent shaped Minicoy Lakshadweep is the southern most island in Lakshadweep, and has one of the largest lagoons. The light house of the island is one of the oldest and was constructed in 1885.

Oceanic Activities in Minicoy
 Minicoy is an important centre of tuna fishing. You can go to visit the villages, tuna canning factory, the light house and for a long drive through dense coconut groves and winding village roads. The beaches have bathing huts and changing rooms; so swim and beach walk, pedal boat, kayak and sail. All the equipment required can be hired.

 Kadmath is 8 Km long and 550 m wide at the broadest point. In addition to the beautiful shallow lagoon on the west that forms an ideal destination for water sports, there is a narrow lagoon on the east. The best attractions are the long sandy beaches and small sand banks on the southern tip for sun baths. There are tourist huts in Kadmath aesthetically situated in the coconut palm groves in the beaches facing the lagoon. Kadmath in Lakshdweep is ideal for a real holiday trip, that brings you away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Scooba DivingOceanic Activities
You can enjoy sea breeze and moonlit beach here at Kadmath in Lakshadweep. Water sports crafts like kayaks, pedal boats, sailing yachts, skiing boats and glass bottomed boats can be hired from here. The scuba diving centre in the island has become an attraction for water-sport enthusiasts.

Bangaram Island
The Bangaram Island is covered by a continuous silvery beach. Bangaram is a 128 acres of tropical paradise, encircled by a lagoon 10 km long and 6 km wide consisting an area of about 40 sq km. This pristine island resort is totally un-peopled, with the exception of the Resort.

Oceanic Activities
The lagoons around the islands are calm and clear, offering brilliant opportunities for swimming, snorkelling and sun bathing. The Island of Bangaram is the only resort groomed for stay and water sports and it is possible to cruise around the islands. For dedicated anglers, tuna fishing and deep see fishing and for marine life lovers there are glassbottom boats available. The water is crystal clear and extensively rich in a variety of sea life including corals.

The Island Accessibility
The Lakshadweep group of islands are well connected both by Air and Sea. While Islands like Agatti & Bangaram can be reached by Air, the other islands can be reached by ship from Kochi. The ship offers different classes of accommodations. A/c First class with two/four berth cabins & tourist class with A/c seating. The vessels have all the facilities that go with a passenger vessel , namely video shows, cafeteria & snack bar, upper-deck airing space , entertainment lounge, Doctor on call etc.