Kodungalloor Kerala

Kodungalloor is an important place in Thrissur and is famous for its pilgrimage centers. It is an important tourist attraction and many people visit this town where it is said that the apostle of Jesus Christ is said to have landed when he came to India. Trichur Kodungalloor pilgrimage is given much importance and is held in high esteem. Read on further to know about important places of pilgrimage in Kodungalloor, Thrissur. This place was earlier known by the name of Muziris, after the Greeks named it that way. The place has a rich historical background and is very intriguing.

Bhagawathy Temple
The Bhagawathy temple is a very famous temple in Kerala and is visited by scores of devotees from far and wide. The annual festival at the temple is a must watch and nowhere else will you find a gathering of oracles in one place as you will here.

St. Thomas Church
This church is built as a tribute to the great apostle of Jesus Christ, St. Thomas. He is said to have reached Kodungalloor when he came to India. It is a famous church and very important among the Christians.

Cheraman Juma Mosque

This is a very famous mosque in Kerala as it is the first mosque in India where Juma prayers were held for the first time. The mosque was built in the year 629 A.D. and is famous for a lamp that is considered important by people of all religions.

Introduction to the Kodungalloor Bharani

Celebrated in the honor of the snowy past of Kodungalloor which was the ancient capital of Kerala, the Kodungalloor Bharani in Kerala is a much awaited festival of Kerala. The region of Kodungalloor is the home to Kodungalloor Bhagavathi Temple; which incidentally is one of the wealthiest temples in India. The ceremony of Kodungalloor Bharani marks the birth of Bhadrakali, who was considered to be born from the third eye of Samhara Rudra. As myth would have it Bhadrakali went on to kill the demon Darika. The festival attracts thousands of devotees every year.

Time for celebrating the Kodungalloor Bharani Festival

The Kodungalloor Bharani Festival in Kerala is one of the most awaited and famous Fairs and Festivals of Kerala. The whole of Kerala along with the other states of South India waits for the month of Meenam (March-April) every year for the festival. This is the best time to have a visit to ‘God’s own country’ with the festival and a climate to cherish the stay.