Gundla Brahmeswara Wildlife Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh

Located between Kurnool and Prakasam districts, the Gundla Brahmeswara Sanctuary covers an area of 1194 square kilometers. About 30 kilometers Nandyal the sanctuary boasts of housing hundreds of different species of animals, reptiles and birds.

Situated on the Gundla Brahmeswaram plateau the Gundla Brahmeswara Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over the Nallamallai hill range and includes lovely valleys and green plateaus. The Gundlakamma River stretches across the sanctuary. The perennial river provides water to the inhabiting animals and the lush surrounding, the valleys and the undulating topography offers a comfortable habitat for the animals.

The vegetation of the region consists of mixed deciduous forests and trees like Teak, Dalbergia, Boswelia, Shisham, Andug, Prerocarpuss, Terminalia, Albizzia, Anogeissius and Bamboo.

Gundla Brahmeswara Sanctuary
The varied wildlife found in the Gundla Brahmeswara Sanctuary includes langur, jungle cat, panther, tiger, mouse deer, and hyena and bonnet monkey. Some of the reptiles found in the region are monitor lizard, python and marsh crocodile. Some of the endangered species of animals living in the Gundla Brahmeswara Sanctuary are chausingha, chinkara, nilgai, black buck, sambar and pangolin.

The best time to visit the Gundla Brahmeswara Sanctuary is between October and May as the weather remains pleasant and hence animals to prefer to remain outdoors. During the summer months most animals prefer to remain indoors to stay away from the heat.

Accommodation is easily available near the sanctuary as tourists visit the place often. The Forest Guesthouse at Nandyal offers excellent accommodation facilities at a reasonable rate.

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