Dakshin Chitra Chennai

Dakshin Chitra is a famous heritage centre near Chennai. It is located on the way to Mahabalipuram on the East Coast Road. It is about 30 mnts from Chennai and there are frequent bus services on this route. A visit to Dakshin Chitra is highly informative and enjoyable.

The architectural and cultural heritages of the South Indian states are showcased here. The architectural features of each state, the typical homes of each region of South India have been built here and they serve as folk museums. The recreated and remodeled building of the past proves to be very attractive and informative to today’s generation.

The kinds of buildings that can be seen now include an agricultural house, a large granary, a potter’s house, a typical house of the Kanchipuram weaver with the loom, a Brahmin house, thatched huts and so on . The typical Kerala house belonging to different religions, have been remodeled. It is a very special feeling to look back at the way of living of our forefathers.

Dakhsin Chitra also offers cultural programs periodically, in its amphitheatre and great artistes perform here to enthralled audiences. There is an eatery here and ls a curio shop with a collection of beautiful curios. Puppet shows and other folk art are presented to make the trip an enjoyable one.

Dakshin Chitra falls in the bus route and one can board a bus from areas like Adyar, K.K Nagar and Thyagaraja Nagar. It can be combined with the trip to Mahabaliuram or Pondicherry.