Cheruthuruthy Kerala

Cheruthuruthy, a small serene village situated at a distance of about 32 km from Trichur is gradually making a prominent place for itself in the Kerala tourism map. It is visited by a large number of tourists not only because of its picturesque landscape but also because of the Kerala Kalamandalam. Most of them are interested in witnessing the place which has preserved and nurtured the Kathakali dance form. The Kerala Kalamandalam is located here on the banks of the Bharatpuzha River. Surely there could not be a better place to set up this prestigious institution. The gently rolling lands covered with lush green carpets and the tranquil flow of the river combine to create this strikingly expressive village. The ambience is indeed simple, pure and yet ethereal.

Tourist Attractions in Tour to Cheruthuruthy

Kerala, God's own country has a rich cultural heritage. Unfortunately towards the end of the nineteenth century the traditional art forms received a severe set back. Vallathol Narayana Menon then took upon himself the responsibility of reviving these various art forms, particularly Kathakali. He then set up Kerala Kalamandalam in this small sleepy village of Cheruthuruthy. For 78 years the school has imparted training to several artistes who have received national and international recognition.

Koothambalam, the only traditional dance theatre to be built outside a temple complex is there in Kalamandalam.

A Tour to Cheruthuruthy will give you the chance to witness the rigorous training sessions of the students who aspire to master the various art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Kootiyattam, Panchavadyam, Thullal etc. Another interesting feature is that students from all religions are given admission to this prestigious institution.

A week long dance festival is held annually during Christmas and it is best to plan your Tour to Cheruthuruthy at this time.

There is an impressive Shiva Temple which you should not miss out on your Tour to Cheruthuruthy. It reflects typical Keralian architecture and when it is illuminated in the evenings with candles, the sight is just spectacular.

Accommodation in Tour to Cheruthuruthy

The River Retreat - Luxury Heritage Palace, Nilayoram Resorts, Sundaram Guest House are some of the hotels in Cheruthuruthy where you are sure to have a very comfortable stay in your Tour to Cheruthuruthy.

How to reach Cheruthuruthy

For those who are interested in traveling by plane, the nearest airport is at Cochin, about 90 km away. If you want to avail the railways, the nearest railway station is at Shornur. Shornur is at a distance of about 10 km from Cheruthuruthy. Cochin, Shornur and other important centers of Kerala are well connected to Cheruthuruthy by road. Buses ply at regular intervals between these places.