Borra Caves, Kirinrandal

Originally discovered in 1854 by H.B.Foote, these subturanean passages were explored by the Department of archealogy and Museums, followed by team of European spalelogist led by Mr Gebaner, Belum Caves are the second largest natural caves in Indian Sub. continent after Meghalaya Caves.

These limestone caves were formed as a result of the action of Gosthani River. The river, which now flows through these caves, was once upon a time flowing over the limestone area. Due to the pressure exerted by the river water on the mineral deposits, the limestone dissolved and gradually the caves were formed. In the process, giving rise to several interesting structures like - a mushroom, a temple, a mosque, a church and many more.

How to Reach This Place

Road : 90 km from vishakapatnam and on the way to Araku Valley.

Rail : 90 km from vishakapatnam.