Bedi Anjaneyaswami Temple

Sri Bedi Anjaneyaswami Temple is located on Sannidhi Street, opposite the main temple facing the Mahadwaram of Sri Venkateswara shrine houses the image of Bedi Hanuman. (In the Vaishnavite tradition, it is customary to have either Garuda or Anjaneya opposite the main temple.) . According to a legend Hanuman attempted to flee from the holy hills in search of his Onte Vahanam (Camel Vehicle)
In order to prevent Anjaneya's flight his mother Anjana Devi residing near Akasa Ganga at Anjanadri of Sapthagiri (7 Hills) prevailed upon her son and tied the celestial bedi (Hand-cuffs) to his hands with the aid of several monkeys living there, so as to make Anjaneya stay in devotion in front of the Lord's temple to fulfill her desire.
His mother Anjanadevi handcuffed (bedi) Him and convinced Him that He should stay on the hill forever facing the Lord There is another small Maruti shrine opposite the Varahaswami temple near the Swami Pushkarini

The idol of Sri Anjaneya is shown with its hands folded in supplication (the Anjali pose). Sri Anjenaya is a devotee of Sri Rama, just as Garuda is of Sri Maha Vishnu.