Amaravati Museum, Amaravati

The collection includes the antiquities from other Buddhist sites in Andhra Pradesh belonging to the 3rd Century BC to about the 12th Century AD, a gold necklace from Gummadidurru, relic-caskets with bone-relics and gold flowers.

The exhibits in the Museum are arranged in different galleries.

Gallery I

This gallery displays some of the selected examples of the art-tradition of Amaravati, besides an inscribed relief of Buddha from Gummadidurru. Image of Buddha, Coins, Beads, Terracotta, Pottery, Drum slabs, Dome-slabs, Pillars & Rail fragments and Miscellaneous Sculptures.

Gallery II
The exhibits in the gallery comprise a few early relics of the 2nd Century BC, inscribed pillars, drum & dome slabs,Two Buddha images from Alluru and a stone-wheel from Lingarajapalli.

How to Reach
35 km Guntur and 70 km from Vijayawada. From Guntur, Amaravati is well connected by bus and there are frequent buses from Guntur. Private transport is also available.

How to Reach This Place

By Road : Amaravati is located 34 kms from Guntur. It is well connected by Road.

By Rail : Amaravati is 34 kms from Guntur Railway station.

By Air : Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad Airport.