Waterfalls In Goa

Waterfalls in Goa are an added attraction to entertain and pull the crowd apart from its sunny beaches, dazzling discos and swaying palms.

Goa is distinguished as the land of golden beaches and as the beach State in India, full of magnanimity. Goa is also gifted with endless beauty- an exquisiteness, the splendor of which has attracted millions of travelers through ages.

Goa is well prosperous with a number of lakes, waterfalls and springs that has turned it into a tourist's paradise.
These waterfalls, lakes and springs lying far away from the seashores, away from the jostle of the beaches and thundering waves give you that perfect retreat, a perfect picnic spot and refreshing water to make a splash.

Stretches of golden sand soaked by a rush of blue sea waters with the sky mirroring the sea below and the green paddy fields and coconut groves along with rolling and falling waters of the cascades makes your longer days of sun, sand and sea the most enjoyable.

Some of the most wonderful water bodies to be essentially visited in Goa are as follows:

 Kesarval Spring in Goa
Arvalam Waterfall in Goa
Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa
Mayem Lake in Goa

These water bodies not only render a different dimension of beauty but also a kind of serenity to the atmosphere of Goa.