Palolem Beach Goa

This stretch of white sand dominates the southern coast of Goa. Until a few years back, it was among the virgin beaches of Goa. However, it couldn't escape from the eyes of the tourists. Although a few developments have taken place, the beach still has a soothing aura to it. A large area of the beach now accommodates a lot of small shacks that taper off as you move towards the south.

At the northern end of the beach is a fresh water stream. Across this stream is a tiny, undeveloped island that can be accessed by just swimming across during low tide. However, it is not very safe to do so during high tide. The other attractions on this beach are the Dolphin cruises and the fishing trips. These are offered at quite a reasonable rate making your holidays a memorable one.

Accomodation too is easily and cheaply available. And though there are a couple of money exchange centres, Palolem does not have any banks. The closest railway station is at Canacona, which is just 3 kilometres away from Palolem. There are also a lot of buses that ply from Margao to Canacona. From there on taxis and local buses are easily available.