Mayem Lake In Goa

Mayem Lake is without doubt the most popular tourist destination in Goa and arguably one of the finest places to visit. To the east of the town of Mapusa, there are a number of sleepy villages and clean countryside. In the middle of this wonderful scene, you will find the the Mayem Lake. The lake is surrounded by low hills enveloped by dense forest cover. The variety of birds that you will find in this part of the country is pretty amazing.

If you are on a leisure tour there is no better place to while away your time than near the Mayem Lake. The calm and placid water of the lake is just perfect for boating in the evening. Hire a small pedal operated boat and cruise along the still water of the beautiful lake appreciating the scene. Around the park there are a number of gardens and cafeteria. You can enjoy the view of the lake and enjoy some lip-smacking delicacy.

There is also a small fountain here. Near the lake there is a chapel which was once the residence of the then Count of Mayem. The people who live in this region belong chiefly to the farming community. Among other important occupation of the place are the idol making business. Idols of Lord Ganesha are made out of terracotta and sold in the market.