Majorda Beach Goa

Majorda is a broad, flat and open beach that lie close to the port city of Vasco and are ideal for picnickers. Though popular, they are less heavily frequented among the prominent beaches of Goa which makes it quiet holiday beaches of Goa.

Located in Salcete, Majorda is one of the little developed beaches of Goa, albeit the whole area possesses a lot of character, with small fishing villages scattered around palm groves. The history of Majorda is also noteworthy for its bakery and toddy. The sap of the coconut palm i.e. toddy was used to leaven the bread. Till date the art of baking European bread remains unsurpassed anywhere else but at Majorda. Thus bakery and Majorda go hand in hand as Pizza and Italy. Today the Majorda beach has become a major tourist attraction with the amalgamation of nature and surroundings.