Dudhsagar Falls Goa

On the border of Karnataka and Goa, the Dudhsagar Falls drop to a spectacular 600m. Believed to be amongst the highest falls in the country, these magnificent falls are located in a blissful tropical jungle with crisscrossing streams, making it an ideal destination for travel vacation in Goa. sThe falls drop down to form a few pools, which are absolutely delightful for a swim. Take care to ensure that the pool you go into is relatively calm. The sure-footed adventurers could try and climb up to the head of the falls through bushes, boulders and water. It’s a tough climb which takes at least a couple of hours, but the mind-blowing view from the top is well worth the effort.

 To Get There

Getting there is simple enough. Take a train to the quaint Dudhsagar railway station, and then walk on the path that takes you to the viewing point of the falls overlooking the nicest pool made by them. Guides are easily available.